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Anesia Seeds

Anesia Seeds

The seed bank Anesia Seeds has been developing cannabis strains for over 15 years now. This company situated neatly between the US and Spain has created a catalogue with strains that have high THC and CBD content created for both recreational and therapeutic consumption. Strong, stable, strains that are resistant to illnesses and grow healthily – Anesia’s compromise.

What Types of Seeds does Anesia Seeds Stock?

Anesia Seeds has developed a catalogue full of eye-catching strains that have caused quite the uproar among growers. Aromatic and delicious flowers, perfect for aficionados and experts alike, stocked full of amazing cannabinoid levels. Let’s have a look at the fantastic strains they carry.

Feminized Seeds by Anesia Seeds

Feminized seeds guarantee that the resulting plants will be female cannabis plants, saving time and effort for the grower. Among the multiple options available, Slurricane is a highly appreciated strain in the US. They also stock other amazing strains such as Anesia Scout Cookies or the amazingly strong Future 1, with up to 37% THC, which is an incredible amount.

Autoflowering Seeds by Anesia Seeds

The Anesia Seeds seed bank offers consumers the ability to purchase autoflowering seeds too, with a much shorter life cycle than feminized plants. In this section you can find fast versions of their main strains, such as Amnesia Flash Auto, Auto Bubble Gum or Auto Sleepy Joe, a mini-monster fill of flavour with up to 28% THC, incredibly high for this type of plant.

Another possibility is Auto Yuhbary, an auto interpretation of one of their most well-known strains, as well as the delicious Auto Blackberry Moonrocks or Big Bazooka Auto.

Landrace Seeds by Anesia Seeds

The seed bank Anesia Seeds offers strains considered Landrace strains – this means strains that grow naturally in their homelands and have been replicated by expert breeders to bring them over here. One of the most popular is Afghanica, strong and sturdy, ideal for making extracts.

You can also find Purple Thai or Panama Red in this section, with an exotic array of red colours.

Medicinal Seeds by Anesia Seeds

The strains in this section are known for having large amounts of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, especially the latter. These strains can be used as alternative treatments for various issues including pain, although only under explicit recommendations via medicine professionals.

Some of their “medicinal” strains include Nova OG, Sour Apple or the renowned Chemdog. In their autoflowering section you can find many strains that make therapeutic growers’ lives easier. Auto Blackberry Moonrocks and Purple Domina Auto stand out with their beautiful purple phenotype.

Anesia Seeds Seed Packs

The seed bank Anesia Seeds also offers consumers the opportunity to get their hands on a varied pack of seeds. This saves money, with a mix of 15 seeds in each pack, available in 2 formats:

  • The Indoor Massive Mix, with seeds designed for indoor growing.
  • The Automatic Mix, which includes some of their best autoflowering seeds
  • Both packs offer a discount compared to purchasing the seeds separately.

Both packs offer a discount compared to purchasing the seeds separately.

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