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Cannabis flowers and their trimmings can be used in many different ways, including extracting their active compounds, which is to say, their cannabinoids, which are in charge of the effects obtained when cannabis is consumed (CBD, THC etc.). 

Thanks to technological advancements, it’s easier than ever to make your very own cannabis extracts at home in order to obtain a more pure product with much more intense effects. A common type of modern extract that consumers are raving about is Rosin, which offers high quality results without needing any type of solvent to get it done. 

This section contains everything you need to make your own Rosin from your flowers, as well as tools that make it easier to consume such as dabbers and silicone containers for non-stick storage. 

What is Rosin? 

Rosin is a cannabinoid concentrate which, unlike BHO concentrates, doesn’t require solvents or other substances to be made. Rosin extracts are made using pressure and heat, which extracts essential oils from flowers or plant material; this oil contains high amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes. This extract is called Rosin and it can be sticky and oily, as well as a harder texture, depending on the temperature used and other factors. 

This method was originally made popular by using hair straighteners to apply pressure and heat, although the results weren’t of the best quality and the straighteners used ended up damaged due to the required pressure. Nowadays, you can find machines designed to offer the best possible return from this type of extract; Rosin Presses. 

How do Rosin Presses Work? 

All Rosin presses are designed to apply heat and pressure, although there are different types; hydraulic, pneumatic, manual and automatic. At La Huerta Grow Shop we stock all types of Rosin presses that adapt to every growers’ needs. 

Qnubu Press 

Qnubu is a company based in Barcelona, dedicated to creating presses designed specifically for Rosin extracts, supplying over 20 countries. This brand has manual, hydraulic and automatic presses, from which you can choose: 

  • Qnubu Press Kompact 2.0: this manual press is one of Qnubu’s smallest models that can exert up to 600g pressure. It also has a temperature adjustment setting for both plates, adjustable up to 200°C
  • Qnubu Manual Press Bolt: this model exerts up to a tonne of pressure (1000kg), with the same characteristics as the previous model, with a different size, weight and pressure capacity. 
  • Qnubu Hyraulic Presses: this leading rosin press company also makes hydraulic presses in different sizes, all of which are professional and can be used at home or on a commercial level. They’re available in 6 T, 10 T and 20 T
  • Qnubu Press Auto: if you need to make commercial scale concentrates in large batches and you’re looking for the best results and highest return, the VIP Auto hydraulic press is the model for you. It has a pressure of up to 10T and has pressure and temperature control up to 200°C

Other Presses 

If you’re looking for the most affordable option for making your own small Rosin extracts, you can check out the T-Rex 1 Tarik Rosin Press, an efficient digital scale that works simply and quickly. It has 8.5cm plates and, thanks to its digital screen, you can adjust the temperature between 100 an 150°C. It can hold up to 0.5g of flowers, and in just 10 seconds you’ll have high quality Rosin. 

We also have various models of Secret Smoke’s Rosin press such as the Screw Press, a manual, compact press that works using a wheel, or the Pry Bar press, a hydraulic press with 12 x 12 cm presses, one of the largest on the market. 

Accessories for Extracting Rosin 

In order to successfully make your own Rosin, you’re going to need a series of tools and accessories that can make it much easier for you. 

  • Rosin Filters: these filters are designed to contain your cannabis or hash while you extract their essential oils.
  • Extraction parchment: this parchment is similar to oven paper, designed specifically for making Rosin extracts. You place your buds in the filter, then roll them up in parchment before applying head and pressure so that all of the oils end up on the parchment without sticking to it. Available in various brands.
  • Dabber: these tools are used to handle your Rosin and other extracts, allowing you to pick it up without having to touch it with your hands as Rosin is quite a sticky substance.
  • Scales: highly useful for knowing exactly how much you’ve obtained from your materials during the extraction process.
  • Silicone Containers: you’ll need to store your Rosin in a silicone box or container so that it doesn’t end up stuck to the inside. 

Enrich your Rosin Extracts with Cali Terpenes 

Sometimes, Rosin extracts can lose out on flavour and aroma during the process due to the excess use of heat. This is an easy issue to fix; Cali Terpenes natural terpenes. Terpenes are the molecules in charge of giving aroma and flavour to many different plants and fruits, including cannabis. 

These terpenes are completely organic, made using food-grade products only. They’re sold I containers with small micro-sprayers which can help you achieve a balanced result and give your extract the exact aromatic profile of amazing, renowned strains. 

With Cali Terpenes you can improve the aroma and flavour of your extracts easily, making the most of your hard work in as far as growing your cannabis and then extracting its cannabinoids. Cali Terpenes has a wide range of flavours in their catalogue such as Jamaican Dream, Blackberry Kush, Amnesia and many more. 

If you want to find out more things about Rosin, check out our post regarding how to make Rosin step by step, where we explain the different types of Rosin finishes and methods. IF you have any questions, get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop’s team of professionals. 

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