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Pipes are one of the oldest methods used to smoke. In the Cordoba Archaeological and Ethnological Museum and in the Alhambra, there are collections of pipes that were used to consume cannabis between the 13th and 15th centuries. Until the invention of rolling papers, it was the norm. Nowadays, they’re still part of the daily routine for many consumers.

Pros of Pipe Smoking

  • Pipes are always ready to go; you don’t need papers or roaches, just a lighter to get going.
  • They’re easy to prep and consume, even in places where rolling a joint can be complicated.
  • They’re more discreet that joints, they’re consumed much faster and they let off smoke for less time.

La Huerta Cannabis and Hash Pipes

Here you can find the best pipes on the market made out of glass, wood and metal, designed for smoking cannabis or hash.

Metal Pipes

  • 7cm Metal Pipe: can be taken apart by unscrewing it in order to clean it out. Comes with a two-piece metal grinder.
  • Metal Cannabis Leaf Pipe: this 8cm long pipe is decorated with cannabis leaves. It comes in gold, bronze and silver colours.
  • Metal Spiderman Pipe: 8.5cm long, this pipe has a characteristic Stan Lee creation design on the bowl. It comes in gold, bronze and silver colours.
  • Metal Skull Pipe: 8.5cm long, this ipe has a skull design on the bowl. It comes in gold, bronze and silver colours.
  • Flexible Metal 12cm Pipe: this pipe is bendable which makes it easy to transport, and it comes with a metal mesh and spares.

Wooden Pipes

If you’re looking for a portable pipe that doesn’t heat up as much as metal pipes, with extra durability, you can always go for a wooden pipe, a traditional material used when it comes to making pipes. They’re light weight, don’t have the same durability as metal, but they’re easy to take with you wherever you want. Some examples in our catalogue are:

  • Wooden Pirate Pipe: handmade in different coloured wood, this pipe is available in two models; arrow and three points.
  • Wooden 13cm Pipe: engraved wood with an elegant design.

Glass Pipes

Glass doesn’t retain any odours, which makes it better for pure flavours. It takes longer to heat up than metal, and it doesn’t burn like wood does. On the other hand, these are the most fragile type of pipes. Glass pipes are the best choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

  • Glass Pipe: this pipe is blown from just one piece, and comes in 8 – 9 cm. This elegant pipe has a psychedelic design and a slightly flat base so that you can set it down to fill it.
  • The Miró Glass Pipe is a 11.5cm pipe, designed to look like a work of art by the amazing Catalonian artist Joan Miró; this pipe is also a great Barcelona souvenir for smoking your flowers.
  • Vortex Glass Pipe: 13cm long, decorated with an elegant design.
  • Heisenberg Glass Kawum Pipe: 14cm long, it comes with a familiar Breaking Bad character design.

We also stock pipes that combine glass with other materials which offer even more durability.

  • The Aluminium Hammer pipe has a glass interior and is quite robust, combining the durability of metal with the clean flavour produced by glass.
  • The Mc Donalds pipe uses silicone and glass. This pipe is also easy to take apart and super easy to clean; the bowl is protected in silicone, which adds extra durability.

Special Pipes

We also stock specially designed pipes that refresh smoke or allow you to prep material to smoke ahead of time:

The V12 Twisty Quartz Blunt pipe allows you to store up to 1.5 grams of cannabis to smoke bit by bit. All you have to do is turn the pipe and the next round is ready; great for filling at home and enjoying throughout the day discreetly. It’s easy to take apart and clean and it can also be added to a bong so you don’t even have to fill the bowl.

The Amazed pipe by the British manufacturer Red Eye really changed the game when they appeared into 1997, Made out of metal, this pipe has a coiled interior that cools the smoke down. It’s available in various models:

  • Original Amazed, 8.2cm long with a coil inside that’s 32cm long, making for an incredibly cool smoke even though it’s small.
  • Cromo Amazed Pipe is the same size as the previous model although it heats up less, which in turn cools the smoke down even more.
  • King Amazed Pipe is the larger version, 14.3cm long with a 55cm coil inside in order to offer the best experience.
  • Pure Amused Pipe is a more affordable model and is the same size as the original, 8.2cm.

Pipe Accessories

We also stock plenty of accessories for pipes, such as:

  • Cleaning brushes for pipes, bongs, and hookahs available in different sizes: 9.5, 14.5, 30, 50cm.
  • Wire cleaner for easily cleaning pipes.
  • Metal meshes to use in bowls, designed for 16.5mm and 12.5mm diameter.
  • If you want to light your pipe without using a gas lighter we also have Raw Hemp Wicks, made out of hemp rope and bees wax.

If you have any questions about pipes, make sure to get in touch with our team of professionals.

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