Mr Nice SeedBank

Mr Nice Seed Bank is owned by the breeder ShantibabaMR Nice Seeds with the collaboration of the famous Howard Marks, also known as Mr. Nice. This well-known brand produces high quality regular seeds and has been doing so since the 80’s.

Alongside a member of Resin Seeds, they’re also the founders of the medicinal seed bank CBD crew.

Mr Nice has been one of the most important brands for quite a long time; they’ve created strains that have been used by other seed banks to produce, cross and stabilize their plants, and grown by thousands of growers all over the world. A great example of this is Critical Mass, one of the most famous strains in the world that combines a short flowering period with an intense aroma.

What Strains does Mr. Nice Have?

In their wide range of seeds you’ll be surprised to find mythical strains such as Super Silver Haze, which has a potent stimulating effect and an incensed aroma, or Medicine Man, with an intensely relaxing and medicinal high.

Mr Nice also produces curious hybrids such as the potent G13 Skunk, the delicious and exotic Mango Haze, and Early Skunk, a strain that’s easy to grow and super sturdy – among other gems.

Mr Nice Seed Bank seeds come in 15 unit packets.

Not sure which strain to pick? No worries – our team of experts is here to help you find the right one.

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