Depending on the needs of your cannabis plants and the growth stage that they're in, you’ll need to use certain types of fertilizers, additives and other components in order to guarantee optimal growth in all stages.

There’s no point in spending money on high quality nutrients if you’re not going to be using them when you should. In order to know what nutrients you need and when you should use them, lets have a look at what your plants need in each phase.

Cannabis Plant Rooting

One of the first products you’ll need to use when growing cannabis is an efficient rooting product. During this first stage, it’s super important for your plant to develop a healthy root system, as this determines their health and capacity to absorb nutrients. Your plant’s roots state is a direct representation of your plant’s performance.

Rooting stimulant for cannabis

Here at La Huerta Grow Shop we recommend using a root stimulant such as Rootfast or Bio Rhizotonic during the first 2 – 3 weeks of growth and after each transplant.

Using root stimulants is extremely helpful when it comes to growing new roots and improving growth in general in your cannabis plants.

You can also effectively use mycorrhizae to increase growth and root protection.

Cannabis Growth Stage

This period, also called the veg stage, is when your plants grow in size and produce the correct structure upon which to flower. During these weeks your plants are going to need a certain set of nutrients, and you’ll need to know what to give them so that they don’t develop any issues.

Depending on the substrate used and the amount of nutrients in it, you’ll need to start fertilizing and using additives in your plants at a certain stage of the growth period. Keep in mind that every strain has a certain set of needs when it comes to nutrients, so keep this mind when feeding your cannabis plants.

In our catalogue you’ll be able to find a wide range of growth fertilizers of all origins, types and concentrations.

Some of the most used fertilizers are Terra Vega by Canna, a mineral fertilizer, or Bio Grow by BioBizz, or even Pure Blend Grow Pro Grow, a bio fertilizer by the prestigious fertilizer brand Botanicare.

Cannabis growth fertilizers

You can also use growth stimulants during this period such as Alga A MIC, or metabolic stimulants such as Liquid Karma, which can give your plants a little extra help when it comes to absorbing nutrients and growing properly through this phase.

Cannabis Flowering Phase

Once your plants begin flowering they’ll need nutrients designed for it.

Among the various flowering fertilizers designed for this phase, some of the most popular are Top Bloom by Top Crop or the efficient Pure Blend Bloom.

We highly recommend using a flowering stimulant too, such as Delta 9, which is a complete and efficient fertilizer product.

If you’re looking to get the best possible yields from your grow, you can also use products designed to fatten up your buds, which usually contain large amounts of phosphorus and potassium making them ideal for increasing yield and size of your flowers.

Some of the most used products are Hydroplex (PK 10 – 6), an organic strengthener, or Canna’s well known PK 13 14, Bloombastic by Atami (PK 20 -21) or the powerful Monster Bloom by Grotek ( PK 50-30).

Bloom fertilizers for cannabis

Final Flowering Phase

At the end of the flowering period when your cannabis plants  are full of trichomes bursting with resin, you can use a flowering “finalizer” such as Final Part by GHE.

When it comes to this period, it can be quite delicate for many reasons, one of them being that if you don’t flush the roots out properly and you’ve been using mineral fertilizers, your flowers may not produce the desired flavour. This is why you should use a cleaner in order to make washing the roots out easier, such as Canna Flush.

In our additive section you can find all sorts of additional nutritional products such as Bud Candy by Advanced Nutrients, which is a combination between carbohydrates and natural sugars, as well as mono-nutrients such as Canna Nitrogen.

pH and Enzyme control

In order to correctly absorb nutrients, your plants need to be receiving the correct pH levels in their water. If you’re using fertilizers but the pH isn’t right, your plants won’t be able to absorb them at all. In order to solve this you can find plenty of brands in our catalogue that offer products that adjust the pH in your nutrient solutions.

Flowering fertilizers

When it comes to bio-mineral and mineral grows, if you’re using tap water then we highly recommend using enzymes in order to avoid minerals and salts building up, turning any inert material in your substrate into nutrients that your plants can easily absorb.

If you have any questions, consult La Huerta Grow Shop’s team and check out all of the best products designed for growing cannabis plants.

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