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Jano filters

Jano Filter

Jano Filters is a company based in in the Catalonian locality, Premià de Mar, which has been manufacturing organic smoking filters made of PLA since back in 2017. Their products are created using a 3D printer and distributed around the world.

During this short amount of time, this company has earned themselves a sport in the sector by presenting a simple product capable of making an incredible difference. Its product design combines quality, effectiveness, and aesthetics.

Jano filters are different from the rest in the materials they use; they’re not the same as cardboard, wooden or glass filters. Their innovative design includes icons and designs that are eye-catching and make them ideal for posting online or bringing to get-togethers with friends.

Jano Filters Key to Success

Jano Filters is a company that uses the latest technology and industrial processes in order to produce filters and smoking accessories.

This manufacturer is environmentally-friendly and makes their products out of PLA (a biodegradable organic polymer), which is obtained from sustainable and renewable sources such as corn, a product used in the creation of eco-friendly food containers.

Jano Filters is constantly renewing their products, looking for new packaging formats, the best designs, while constantly improving. They have quite the social media presence, where they’ve worked hard to make their reputation.

La Huerta Grow Shop Jano Filters

We stock regular sized Jano Filters (20mm long, 7mm diameter), the normal size for filters on the market, ideal for using with 1 ¼ and King Size papers such as the ones you can find in our store.

Jano Filters have two different sides; the inside has a dent for filtering smoke and stopping any bits of weed or tobacco from getting through, and the other side comes in 12 different designs, each one in a different colour. This design, as well as giving your joints an interesting touch, allows you to differentiate between joints if you’ve decided to roll your joints for the road.

Jano filters come in bags of 10 units, boxes of 10 units and boxes of 25 units, all of which come with a filter holder similar to a revolver’s chamber, also made out of PLA, which can fit 6 filters.

Jano filters come in 12 different colours, each one with a unique design that represents a different theme:

  • Yellow: a smiley face
  • Light blue: a wave
  • Dark blue: infinity symbol
  • Fluorescent: radiation symbol
  • Grey: dollar sign
  • Tan: star
  • Gold: euro symbol
  • Red: heart
  • Pink: diamond
  • Light green: monster
  • Dark green: cannabis leaf

If you have any questions regarding these filters, get in touch with La Huerta Grow Shop and we’ll give you a hand.

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