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RAW products hardly need an introduction; they’re the most used products by growers and consumers of flowers and cannabis extracts. So, what’s the secret behind this market-leading paper and tip manufacturer?

The Difference Between Good Papers and the Best Papers

Josh Kesselman’s (founder of RAW) passion for smoking papers began when he was a kid, when his Dad used to show him “magic” by lighting papers and throwing them into the air. Later, as a young man, Josh began to collect booklets that he would swap with smokers from all over the world. When studying, as a university project, the young man began to investigate the possibility of opening a store in a small Florida location, the State he was residing in at the time.

The project was approved, and he called it Knuckleheads in 1993, where he began to import smoking papers from Europe. He also sold pipes, bongs and smoking accessories. His business was blooming; his papers were selling for over 5 dollars in the US.

Three years later in 1996, he had to leave Florida when he was accused of selling a bong to the daughter of a government worker. He moved to Phoenix Arizona in order to continue on with his business.

In 1997 they go into business with an old cigarette paper manufacturer, and they were doing tests for 8 years until they manufactured the first rolling papers with no chlorine and additives. This paper forever changed smokers’ preferences when it comes to choosing rolling papers in regards to European and US cannabis consumers.

The fact that RAW started out in Alcoi in 2005 wasn’t a coincidence; this is where smoking papers were invented in the 19th century, and they were the most important paper manufacturer worldwide.

Ever since they appeared, RAW has had extreme success and they’re world renowned, promoted by artists including Whiz Khalifa.

RAW’s Key to Success

The secret to their success is in producing the best papers. With the increase in home-growing, consumers have more access to high quality cannabis and are always looking for the highest quality papers and filters for smoking.

RAW Smoking Papers are made using no bleach, chalk, nor chemical whiteners. They're healthier and don't modify the flavour of your cannabis. This series of characteristics are absolutely necessary when consuming top quality cannabis, as you don't want any type of flavour interference

Raw also offers a complete range of products involving all types of accessories designed for the best experience, all made using the highest quality.

RAW Products in La Huerta Grow Shop

Our catalogue has one of the best selections of RAW products, at the best prices:

Smoking Papers

Raw has three different ranges of smoking papers; classic, made using linen and rice; Raw Organic, made out of organic hemp, and Raw Black, made using linen and rice, double pressed to make it thinner. We stock the following models:

  • Classic RAW Papers available in booklets and boxes. 1 ¼ papers come in RAW Classic 1 1/4 traditional papers, Raw Classic 1 ¼ Connoisseur+ tips, which comes with filters; RAW 300’s Papers, which comes with plenty of papers, and a roll of RAW papers. King Size papers come in different formats, such as RAW Classic King Size Slim papers, RAW Connoisseur King Size Papers + Tips.  And RAW 200’S King Size papers.
  • RAW Black Classic King Size: the thinnest smoking papers on the market.
  • Pre-rolled cones ready for filling and consuming: 1 ¼ RAW Cones (6 units), RAW King Size Cones (3 units), and packs of 800 King Size RAW Cones, 1400 King Size RAW Cones, Raw Classic 98 Special in 1000 units, and RAW Classic 98 Special cones in 1400 units.
  • Artisanal 1 ¼ Classic RAW Papers and Artisanal King Size RAW papers are booklets that come with 50 papers, 50 tips and trays, opening up to show a tray in which you can roll your joints.
  • RAW Masterpiece KS + Pre-rolled Tips: this booklet has 32 RAW King Size Slim papers and 24 pre-rolled RAW papers ready to fill.
  • RAW Giant Supernatural 12 Inch Papers: this is classic RAW papers, 28  x 4.4cm in size; ideal for parties or going out with friends.
  • In order to fill out your cones you can use the practical RAW Loader, available for 1 ¼ and King Size papers. You can use the Raw Six Shooter to roll 1 to 6 cones at once, ideal for prepping a night out.


RAW, alongside the lighter manufacturer Clipper, work together to make RAW Lighters so that you can match it with your favourite papers. We have normal Clippers with various designs, as well as a mini-tube version, ideal for lighting pipes and bongs.


RAW makes chemical and chlorine-free cardboard tips that can be found in classic sizes such as 60x15cm, and perforated to make it easier to bend them. If you prefer to have your tips rolled and ready to go, you can check out RAW’s Pre-Rolled Cardboard Filters.

We also have glass filters, which are healthier and cleaner than tips.


RAW also manufactures high quality trays, such as:

  • RAW Zombie tray: this tray is made out of metal, and has an image of a zombie emerging from a grave with RAW papers in their hand. It’s 34 x 27.5cm in size.
  • RAW Brazil Rolling Tray 2: made out of anti-stick metal, 27.5 x 17.5cm in size, with the image of a skater in a tropical environment.
  • RAW Black Metallic Tray: this tray is 28 x 18 x 2cm in size, and has a RAW Black rolling paper design.
  • RAW Black Mate Rolling Tray: 27.5 x 17.5 x 3cm made using opaque, anti-stick metal.

Plus, we also stock metal and wooden boxes for storing your weed, as well as the RAW Anti-odour Smokers’ pouch designed for transporting your flowers and extracts without letting off any aromas. The RAW Anti-odour Smokers Pouch is made up of 5 different anti-odour layers and a waterproof silicone seal, available in three sizes; small, medium and large for transporting 15, 30, 200g buds, respectively.

If you have any questions regarding RAW products, get in touch with our store and we’ll give you a hand.

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