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Kannabia Seed Company

Kannabia Seeds

The Spanish seed bank Kannabia Seed Company is a bank that was founded after 10 long years of research, breeding and selecting diverse and special strains. Over the years, the breeders at this bank have been dedicated to crossing diverse strains with varying properties, some of them medicinal.

This Spanish brand has won multiple prizes and cannabis cups thanks to their extensive catalogue that can be divided into feminized, feminized autoflowering, medicinal and collector’s packs.

Kannabia Seed Company Catalogue – What to Expect

Some of their most well-known and best-selling strains are the sweet and resinous Karamelo or La Blanca with its high THC levels.

Kannabia Seeds has a wide range of feminized seeds including Kritical-K, their version of Critical strains; Kiss (also known as Queso), which has dense and aromatic buds, or the citric Diesel Glue, a delicious strain that loves to absorb high amounts of nutrients.

When it comes to their medicinal strain range, Swiss Dream CBD has a 1:26 THC/CBD range. This highly pure CBD strain is super useful for medicinal patients that want to make the most out of its medicinal effects or recreational users that don’t deal well with high THC levels.

If you prefer autoflowering strains, Kannabia also stocks quite a wide range of feminized autoflowering strains in their catalogue such as La Blanca Max Auto, with its resinous buds.

Kannabis Seed Company sells their seeds in CD cases with all of the necessary information; a discreet way to ship. Kannabia Seeds come in packs of 3, 5 and 10 units and have all been through quality and germination control.

Having any doubts when it comes to picking your seed? You’re not alone, our team can help you with your search!

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