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Sensi Seeds

The well-known Dutch seed bank Sensi Seeds is a pioneer in as far as producing, creating and selling cannabis seeds; they started back in the 80s. They opened their first store in Amsterdam in 1986, where they sold items related to cannabis culture and their own seeds, which was quite innovative at the time.

Sensi Seeds’ strains have won multiple cannabis competitions over the years since the 90s, and all of their seeds are put through quality control in order to guarantee high germination rates and plant growth.

Nowadays they’re known for their wide range of feminized, autoflowering and CBD-rich strains, as well as their Sensi Research range, a selection of classic strains crossed with different renowned strains in order to create entirely new hybrids.

Sensi Seeds’ Classic Strains

Sensi Seeds is a seed bank known for creating famous strains that have been grown for years by growers all over the world, and they’re still used nowadays to make new hybrids, like Skunk 1, most likely the most famous Skunk strain thanks to its amazing yield and how easy it is to grow, or Northern Lights, a strain that’s been used to create countless hybrids due to its high resin count and short flowering period.

Durban is another legendary strain that produces clear, mental sativa effects which turn into intensely relaxing effects if consumed in large quantities. This strain may be almost entirely sativa, although it’s known for its fast-flowering period and potent results.

If you’re looking for a happy, euphoric effect, we recommend the sativa-dominant Mexican Sativa, a classic Sensi Seeds strain designed for outdoor grows with climates similar to those to northern Europe, as it can easily deal with Holland’s outdoor temperatures.

Sensi Seeds Feminized Seeds

Sensi Seeds has quite a wide range of feminized seeds, both in indica-dominant and sativa-dominant formats, as well as highly balanced hybrids.

If you’re looking for a strong indica, Sensi Skunk is an absolute classic that’s easy to grow and produces amazing results; this strain is quite sought-after due to its fruity flavour and potent physical effects. Big Bud is another indica-dominant strain known for its large yields and compact buds.

If you prefer to grow more sativa strains, they also stock strains such as Silver Haze, a renowned strain that produces Haze flavours and effects with a shorter flowering time than the average. If you check out Sensi Seeds’ catalogue you’ll see that they have quite an impressive range of feminized seeds of all types.

Sensi Seeds Autoflowering Strains

When it comes to high quality autoflowering seeds, Sensi Seeds also offers a long list of legendary autoflowering strains such as Northern Lights Automatic, a robust and sturdy strain that’s used on many different autoflowering crosses thanks to the fact that it’s so similar to the original strain.

Sensi Skunk Automatic is the autoflowering version of their classic strain, and it’s quite easy to grow and ideal for balconies and terraces where discretion is required; it’s compact and flowers in no time.

Sensi Seeds’ CBD Strains

Sensi Seeds also produces seeds with high amounts of CBD for medicinal consumers looking to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the intense effects produced by THC, or recreational consumers that want to enjoy unique flavours during the day without experiencing psychoactive effects. Some examples are:

Skunk Dream CBD, a strain which has a 1:26 THC/CBD ratio, which is ideal for medicinal consumers. This strain has been used in many different hybridization processes in order to obtain strains with balanced THC/CBD ratios, and it’s also quite easy to grow.

Himalayan CBD: this strain has a balanced 1:2 THC/CBD ratio, and it produces a soft, medicinal effect. This plant produces a thick layer of resin on its buds, making it ideal for cannabis extracts with high CBD levels.

Sensi Research Strain

The Dutch seed bank Sensi Seeds spends a lot of their time researching new seeds in order to offer new strains and flavours from all around the world. Their Sensi Research range combines new flavours and innovative combinations, as well as renowned US strains. Some of their most renowned strains are:

Banana Kush Cake: one of Sensi’s newest research strains which produces intense banana and skunk flavours alongside an euphoric, relaxing effect. Due to its fast flowering and high yields, it’s ideal for growers that need to harvest large amounts in no time.

Mandarin Punch: this balanced hybrid was created using four US strains; Maple Leaf Indica, White Widow, NYC Diesel and California Indica. The resulting strain produces sweet, tropical buds typically found on the east coast of the US, with potent and stimulating effects.

Silver Fire: this sativa-dominant strain is a combination between an intense Haze (Silver Haze) and a super potent kush (Fire OG). This sativa strain produces potent, long-lasting effects that are ideal for those looking to experiment with new flavours in the Sensi Research Section.

Sensi Seeds Regular Seeds

Plus, Sensi Seeds also offers high quality regular seeds such as Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, with an intense pineapple aroma and resinous buds, or the famous, potent sativa Jack Herer, as well as many more strains with which you can make your own hybrids or obtain incredible mother plants.

Check out Sensi Seeds’ catalogue if you want to find the ideal strain for your grow.

Not sure which of these amazing strains to choose? Don’t worry; you can use the seed finder to the left or get in touch with our team of professionals for the best advice.

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