Philosopher Seeds

Philosopher Seeds

Situated in Girona (Catalonia), the seed bank Philosopher Seeds started out back in 2008. However, they actually began their work much earlier in the 90s, when the breeders from this seed bank (Cannabis Sativa strain lovers) began to research, collect and preserve these types of strains.

Plus, the passionate breeders at Philosopher Seeds have also collaborated with breeders from other banks such as Reggae Seeds, or OSC Collective – this is where some of the strains in their catalogue come from.

Philosopher Seeds’ Seed Catalogue – What to Expect

Philosopher Seeds has four different categories for all of their strains:

  • Classic Feminized Range: this category contains all of their classic feminized strains from the 90s such as Black Bomb or Tropimango.
  • Golo Line: this particular category comes from a collaboration between Reggae Seeds and Philosopher Seeds. Some of the strains they’ve produced are the delicious and potent Orange Candy / Naranchup, as well as strains with certain CBD levels including Fruity Jack / Jack el Frutero or Spicy CBD / Superjuani these strains are incredibly helpful and contribute to the wide spectrum of therapeutic cannabis strain options.
  • Auto Line: just like the name suggests, this is a range of autoflowering cannabis strains that have been stabilized over 7 generations. Their Auto Line contains auto cannabis seeds such as the delicious Cheesy Auto or Cheesy Auto CBD with a THC:CBD 1:1 ratio, or the resin-covered White Yoda Auto.
  • Regular Line: these seeds can produce both male and female cannabis plants; Regular Line has strains such as the amazing Jamaican Blueberry BX.
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