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Hidden Stashes


Hidden Stashes

Who doesn’t enjoy a good joint watching the sunset on the beach? But where do you store your buds when you go for a dip? And you car keys? Do you need to keep your cannabis and valuables safe? Keep reading and find out about the best hidden stash accessories for hiding your valuables at home or on the road.

What are Hidden Stashes?

This section contains ingenious products and accessories designed to camouflage and hide your valuables in a safe place, away from prying eyes. The articles in this section aren’t designed to trick the law, they’re simply ideal for keeping your valuables safe in public spaces without causing any issues. They’re also helpful at home if you need to store stuff away or you live in a shared apartment.

La Huerta Grow Shop Hidden Stashes

Our store has some of the best cannabis stashes around, camouflaged as original products, one of the best ways to hide your valuables. For example:

Mahau Classic Beer Stash, these cans are identical to the original; you can unscrew the top and store whatever you want inside.

Another similar stash design are the Estrella Damm, Coca Cola, Monster and Heineken stashes. In order to hide them you can store them with your actual cans. We also have Aquafina bottles and Pepsi bottle stashes, both of which contain actual liquid which make them more realistic; they open at the middle and have plenty of space to store keys, money etc.

In order to store money or papers, one of the best systems is our Bacon Stash box, which has a hidden Ziploc along the top; it’s ideal for storing in a fridge or shopping bag without raising suspicions.

We also have 3kg Weekies Stash Bags, which looks like a 3kg cat-food bag. This thermo-sealable aluminium bag is 37 x 22 cm, and can hold 6.5L.

The Best Anti-Odour Bags

If what you’re looking for is something to help hide to aroma from your flowers or hash, we stock many different types of travel bags and rucksacks that’ll keep any aromas under lock and key, such as the Abscent Bags, which have a double Velcro seal and a lid with an activated carbon cover that absorbs aromas. Abscent Bags allows you to easily transport your flowers or hash with no odour. They’re easy to use; put your material in a Ziploc bag, and then inside the Abscent bag, and close it. It also has an anti-microbial cover which protects the active carbon and increases durability. Abscent bags are available in four different sizes, ideal for all types of needs:

  • Mini: this is the smallest one in the collection, it has a double Velcro zip and an odour-absorbing lid. It measures 11.5 x 14 cm.
  • Money: this bag also has the double Velcro zip, it’s 15x 29 cm and also has an odour-absorbing lid.
  • Montle: this is a reusable travel bag, water resistant, 25.5 x 15 x 15cm. It has a double carbon cover, waterproof zip close and Velcro.
  • The Mochila: this handy backpack measures 50 x 20.5 x 48cm and has a carbon lid designed to absorb odours. It has a zip and is water-resistant.

Another great anti-odour bag is the Raw Bag; this efficient bag has 5 layers of anti-odour materials and a water-proof silicone seal. It comes in three sizes:

  • Small: holds 15g
  • Medium: holds 30g
  • Large: holds 115g

Plus, we also have Secret Magnet stash boxes, small plastic boxes that have strong magnets attached. It can be attached the bottom of your car, for example, or to metal bars etc. Available in three sizes:

  • Small 13.2 x 9 x 3,7 cm.
  • Large 18,4 x 12,2 x 3,7 cm.
  • Extra Large 18,4 x 12,2 x 6,9 cm.

If you have any questions regarding our stashes or you’re not sure which one to pick, get in touch with our team of experts and we’ll happily help you out!

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