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Green House Seeds

The Dutch seed bank Green House Seeds is quite a notable presence in the cannabis sector worldwide, especially in Europe.

Green House Seeds Co. was founded in 1985 by their current owner, Arjan Roskam, a famous cannabis representative within the industry that has spent over 25 years searching for and producing cannabis strains and seeds. Arjan also has various coffee shops in Amsterdam.

This seed bank has won many different prizes and cannabis competitions, and they also have a project called Strain Hunters, which involves researching and finding unique landrace strains around the world. The search for these plants is done through cannabis expeditions around the world to some of the most remote areas and swapping strains with international growers.

Green House Seeds’ catalogue contains legendary, feminized and autoflowering, medicinal and US strains.

Green House Seeds’ Classic Strains

Green House Seeds is a trustworthy seed bank with decades of experience finding and breeding landrace strains in order to bring some truly impressive strains to the table. Many of their legendary, classic strains can be found in the best Amsterdam coffee shops. Here are a few examples of some of their most renowned classic strains:

Super Lemon Haze: this cannabis strain has won many competitions and cannabis cups. It’s a sativa-dominant plant capable of producing high amounts of THC, and it’s ideal for those that enjoy citric, incensed old school flavours.

White Widow: this is another renowned strain that shot to fame in the 90s; it’s one of the most sought-after strains in Amsterdam to this day. This balanced strain receives its name due to the amount of white resin that covers it, producing a euphoric, long-lasting effect that turns into a more relaxing sensation.

Super Silver Haze: this is one of the most popular and award winning strains of the 90s. It comes from a cross between Northern Lights x Neville’s Haze, which was then crossed with Skunk x Neville’s Haze. The resulting strain is a potent, high yielding Haze that produces intense, incense flavours; ideal for those that love iconic 90s flavours.

Green House Seeds’ Feminized Strains

Green House Seeds, as we said before, puts a lot of effort into offering strains from around the world in feminized format so that you can set up your own exotic, high-yielding grow.

For example, Lemon Skunk is a highly balanced hybrid that has relaxing effects and a lemon-Skunk flavour. On the other hand, Bubba Kush is an indica-dominant strain that produces sweet and earthy flavours.

If you prefer sativa strains, Green House Seeds has an entire range of sativa-dominant strains, such as Arjan’s Ultra Haze, which produces intensely mental and clear effects accompanied by minty and musky flavours with hints of Haze. Arjan’s Ultra Haze 2 produces a similar effect alongside sweeter, fruitier flavours.

Green House Seeds Autoflowering Strains

This seed bank also offers a wide collection of feminized autoflowering seeds. Among their most renowned and best-selling seeds, you’re sure to appreciate Super Critical Auto, a robust plant, or Auto Bomb, with large, narcotic buds.

They also have legendary strains in autoflowering format such as Northern Lights Auto, an indica-dominant strain that’s easy to grow, producing potent results and intense flavours similar to hash, or White Widow Auto, an incredibly resinous strain that’s ready to harvest in record times.

Green House CBD Strains

Medicinal consumers can also make the most out of Green House Seeds’ catalogue thanks to their medicinal seeds with high CBD levels. CBD contains various medicinal benefits, capable of softening the psychoactive effects produced by THC, although these strains also contain low levels of THC.

For example, if you have a look at their catalogue you can find strains such as Super Silver Haze CBD, the definitive medicinal version of this classic strain with all the benefits of CBD accompanied by an intense Haze flavour and a THC/CBD ratio of 1:1, or The Church CBD, with the same cannabinoid ratio and a flowery, citric flavour.

If you prefer to grow autoflowering strains for your medicinal needs, Green House Seeds has strains such as Exodus Cheese Auto CBD, which has a 1:1 THC and CBD ratio, and a short growth and flowering period.

Green House Seeds USA Strains

The GHS seed catalogue also contains renowned strains available in dispensaries in the US; thanks to the Green House Seeds’ team and work ethic, you can grow your own high quality US strains such as Chemdog, a legendary strain with intense Diesel-like flavours and narcotic effects, or King’s Kush, also available in an autoflowering format and with high amounts of CBD.

Cloud Walker is an impressive strain which comes from a combination between Punto Rojo Colombiano and an amazing strain from Mendocino, California. It produces a highly stimulating and psychedelic effect, and depending on the phenotype its flavour may vary from exotic, similar to pineapple, to earthy with hints of vanilla.

If you have any questions about this amazing seed bank and their strains, La Huerta Grow Shop’s team of experts is here to help you out!

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