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More Smoker's Accessories


More Smoker's Accessories

In this section you can find various accessories designed for cannabis and concentrate consumers; these tools aren’t necessary but they’re definitely more comfortable and make smoking a much more pleasant experience.

Accessories for Cannabis Smokers

If you like smoking cannabis or extracts in joints, you can find some of the best accessories in our store:

  • Joint-holding Silicone Ring: this ingenious gadget allows you to enjoy your flowers and extracts while you game or you’re busy on your phone.
  • If you want to carry your joints around within having them break, bend or end up stinking the place up, check out our joint savers, which are ideal for saving half-smoked joints.
  • The OCB tube has a filter and paper, pre-rolled and ready to fill with tobacco or cannabis; it looks just like a commercial cigarette and comes in boxes of 100 units. In order to easily fill it up you can use the OCB Tube Roller.
  • If you prefer pre-rolled cones, you can try out the Raw Six Shooter roller, which allows you to roll from 1 to 6 joints in one go, using pre-rolled King Sized cones. This roller is ideal for those that prefer to prep their joints for the day, for going out with friends etc. This tool is super easy to use, all you have to od is add the cones, add the cannabis and shake.

Accessories for Bongs, Pipes or Hookahs

If you prefer smoking in a pipe, check out the metallic mesh accessories for bowls in our catalogue, which come in both 12.5mm and 16.5mm diameter.

We also have the best brushes designed for cleaning your pipe, bong or hookah after using it, available in different sizes you can reach each and every nook and cranny. Regardless of how long your bong is, or if you have a long pipe, we also have wire cleaners.

If you like smoking using a bong, we have a great way to enjoy your bong with friends hygienically and safely; the Silicone Bong Mouthpiece, which fits bongs with 2.6cm mouthpieces. Made out of food-grade silicone, it's easy to clean using detergent and hot water, alcohol or even in your washing machine.

Accessories for Lighting Blunts, Cigarettes, Pipes and Bongs

In order to light your joints, bong or pipes, La Huerta stocks the best gadgets and tools!

  • 1000w Cold Smoke Plate Heater is ideal for lighting your hookah coal; it’s comfortable and safe to use. This plate has 5 heating levels, a thermostat and an over-heating protector.
  • If you tend to forget or lose your lighter, check out our extendible lighter holder so that you can have it at hand whenever you need; it can be attached to your belt, a bag strap etc. These tools can hold all types of lighter; clipper, mini Clipper, Bic, rectangular etc.
  • If you want to light your cigarette, blunt or bong without any toxins produced by gas lighters, you can check out our RAW Hemp Wicks, made using hemp string and bee’s wax. If you use non-chlorine papers and filters that retain tar, the next step is to eliminate gas by using hemp wicks.

If you have any questions regarding these smoker’s accessories for consuming cannabis or extracts, get in touch with our store where our team of experts are happy to help.

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