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Eva Seeds

The Spanish seed bank Eva Seeds was created in 2005 after years of research and development using cannabis strains from different parts of the world. Their founders had also been running a headshop since 2001.

In 2005, right out the gate, Eva Seeds won their first prize in the 1st edition of the Cannabis Champions Cup with the strain Missing in Barcelona, a potent, delicious Original Blueberry x High Level hybrid. Ever since then, the seed bank has won numerous prizes and cannabis cups.

Their objective is to offer growers unique, high quality original cannabis strains (for both experts and aficionados) at affordable prices.

This seed bank focuses on the quality of their strains and they produce cannabis plants that are easy to grow, produce high yields and special aromas and flavours while being rich in cannabinoids.

Eva Seeds Feminized Strains

As well as offering amazing Landrace strains such as TNT Kush, a potent, resinous indica from Pakistan, Eva Seeds also offers high yielding hybrid such as Monster, which can adapt to all types of grows; Pink Plant, which grows fast and does well under adverse conditions; Veneno, an indica-dominant strain with an intensely fruity flavour and Gipsy Haze, a potent Sativa-dominant hybrid that produces plenty of resin and intense lemon and incense aromas similar to Haze.

Fast Flowering Eva Seeds

One of the characteristics that Eva Seeds is looking for in their strains is fast flowering without needing to use autoflowering strains in the process, maintaining higher stability and quality.

Eva Seeds’ most famous fast-flowering strain is Jamaican Dream, a Jamaican Sativa that produces a potent energetic effect. It should be ready to harvest just 42-45 days after the growth period ends.

They also have other fast-flowering strains such as Furious Candy, a hybrid made using the award-winning Papa’s Candy crossed with a White Shark, with an incredibly resinous result in just 45 – 50 flowering days, or Black Dream which is a potent stable strain that produces high yields and is super resinous, taking just 45 – 55 flowering days.

American x European Seeds

Cannabis strains from the US have been quite popular around the globe on the cannabis market in recent years. Their intense, surprising flavours have captivated the most demanding of consumers that thought they had already tried everything.

Eva Seeds doesn’t just offer US strains – they also combine some of the best US strains with the most famous European strains, a true combination of cultures resulting in high quality strains.

This is how amazing strains such as Gipsy Haze were born (a cross between Jack Herer x Black Domina x Space Bomb) that produces an intense Haze aroma with hints of mango and buds full of resin. They also offer strains such as Gorilla Candy (a combination between the famous Gorilla Glue 4 and Papa’s Candy), that produces a surprisingly sweet aroma and is ideal for resin extracts, or Lemon King (a hybrid that comes from Space Bomb x Critical Swiss), a fast-flowering strain that produces intense citric and lemon aroma.

Eva Seeds CBD Strains

Eva Seeds also wanted to offer consumers a little extra when it comes to medicinal properties, so in 2015 they launched their own CBD (Cannabidiol) rich strains. This is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis that has quite a high medicinal value, present in some cannabis strains.

They started their own CBD catalogue, in which you can find strains with different proportions or ratios such as TNT Kush CBD which produces 10% THC and 10% CBD (a 1:1 ratio), Jamaican Dream CBD (8% THC and 16% CBD) and Only CBD, a strain with a 1:16% ratio (less than 1% THC and around 16% CBD).

Eva Seeds’ come in formats of 3 + 1, 6 + 2, 9 + 3, and 100 units.

These seeds are meticulously hand-selected and stored in refrigerated containers in specific conditions designed for optimal storage. Eva Seeds offers only the best seeds for your grow.

This seed bank does germination tests on hundreds of seeds from each plant, which is how they guarantee success and a high standard of quality right from the start.

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