The Dutch brand Sagarmatha SeedsSagarmatha Seeds is one of the oldest seed banks out there, and although it may not be as well-known nowadays, it was a pioneer in as far as commercializing cannabis seeds. This seed bank has quite the reputation for high quality cannabis seeds, which is mostly motivated by the experience of their CEO, Tony.

As a result of their years of experience, Sagarmatha Seeds produces stable, high quality seeds with an almost perfect germination rate.

Sagarmatha Seeds – What Types of Cannabis Seeds to Expect

This multi-award-winning seed bank produces regular versions of some of the most famous cannabis strains including the fruity Blueberry which, just as you’d expect because of its name, has become incredibly popular due to its intense blueberry flavour. This seed bank also has other gems like Yumbolt, the most famous Afghan strain from North California, or the resinous Matanuska Tundra.

Sagarmatha seeds come in packs of 10 seeds.

Remember, if you’re stuck you can always use our seed finder in order to find the ideal seed; if you have any questions get in touch with our team!

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