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House Of The Great Gardener


House Of The Great Gardener

House of the Great Gardener

How was House of the Great Gardener Started?

House of the Great Gardener is a Canadian seed bank that was launched in 2014 after collaborating with medicinal cannabis clubs in British Columbia. This led to a lot of experience which allowed them to develop their own medicinal marijuana strains, meeting the needs of medicinal patients and consumers.

House of the Great Gardener – Cannabis Strain Catalogue

In the relatively short time they’ve been around, this seed bank has won many cannabis cups and prizes (over 50 international awards) and they’re still growing in popularity all over the world. They put a lot of effort into breeding and selecting genes and strains, a process that they began decades ago, with the direction of one of their main breeders Mat, who has put a lot of work into breeding feminized versions of most of this banks best hits; strains such as Rainbow Barb or Sticky Barb, high in quality and stability.

Their seed catalogue also has regular strains for growers that would like to make their own hybrids and vary their home-dispensaries, as well as strains that produce high amounts of CBD for consumers that would like to consume medicinal cannabis or those that are looking for a less potent effect.

Some of their most renowned strains are Barbara Bud or the medicinal CBD René or CBD Jean Guy.

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