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These Rosin bags or filters are used to hold the plant material and aid in separating the Rosin from the rest of the plant. These filters are made of nylon.

Available in: 25, 37, 90, 120, 160 microns. Ideal for obtaining a rich and quality extract.

If you're going to make Rosin, don't hesitate to use them!

Pack of 10 bags 11x5cm


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Rosin Bags or Filters are used to hold the plant material and help separate Rosin from the rest of the plant.

Rosin extraction is a process for obtaining cannabis concentrates carried out without the use of chemical solvents. Instead of using chemicals like butane or CO2, this method uses heat and pressure to separate the oils and resins from the cannabis buds.

These Rosin filters are made of nylon and are perfect for extracting the maximum amount and quality in each press.


  • Raw Material: High-quality cannabis buds are used to achieve optimum results. The more resin and oil the buds contain, the more efficient the process will be.
  • Preparation: The buds are crushed or broken down to increase the contact surface and facilitate the extraction of the desired components.  
  • Filter Bags: Filter bags, also known as press bags, are used to contain the broken-down material. These bags are made from heat-resistant material and are placed in a heat press.
  • Heat and Pressure Application: The bags filled with material are placed between two heated plates, wrapped in waxed paper. Then, a combination of heat and pressure is applied to the bags. The heat softens the resins and oils in the flowers, and the pressure helps these compounds get released and stick to the internal surfaces of the filter bags.
  • Rosin Collection: Accumulated Rosin on the inner surface of the filter bags can be scraped or collected using the right tools. Rosin is a sticky and viscous substance that varies in consistency, from liquid oil to more solid and viscous textures.
  • Optional Purification: Depending on the desired quality, the collected Rosin can be further purified to remove any unwanted plant material. This is often done through processes such as hot pressing and additional filtering.
  • Storage: The finally obtained Rosin is stored in airtight and dry containers, as moisture could affect its quality over time.


Rosin bags or filters are made of nylon.

Each package contains 10 bags measuring 11x5cm.

La Huerta's Opinion

The process of Rosin extraction is appreciated by many in the cannabis community due to its simplicity, safety (no flammable solvents are used) and the preservation of the terpenes and cannabinoids present in the original material. However, the amount and quality of the obtained Rosin can vary depending on factors such as the cannabis strain, temperature and pressure applied, and the technique used.


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