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Pyramid Seeds' Alpujarreña seeds emerge from an explosive mix that delivers impressive results. From a top-secret cocktail hails a predominantly indica feminized hybrid, ready for harvest after 50 - 55 days of flowering.

This strain has a medium to low growth profile, potentially reaching between 40 - 100cm. In indoor grows, yields of up to 550g/m2 can be achieved.

A plant developed at great altitudes in the area from which it gets its name, in the Sierra of Granada, Spain. Experts assure it has an exceptional sweet taste, akin to a pastry cake. A strain with its own identity, containing a percentage of 16% THC

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Type and Genetics

lpujarreña by Pyramid Seeds carry all the Caribbean flavor within their flowers. This fascinating plant is a result of the crossbreeding from private reserve genetics of this esteemed seed bank, which resulted in a feminized, predominantly indica hybrid that develops a unique organoleptic profile, a trademark the cannabis grower will treasure for time to come.

This plant has an indica-like growth pattern, with substantial interior branching, stout arms, narrow internodal spaces and an enormous resin production on fat, pyramid-shaped flowers. With several awards under its belt, the seed bank highly recommends this strain from its entire catalog.


Alpujarreña by Pyramid Seeds is medium to low. It's suitable for both indoor and outdoor growers; it's a very adaptable strain thanks to the development of the parent plants at high altitudes over 1000 meters.

  • This strain can reach a height between 40 and 100cm on average.

Aroma and Flavor

Alpujarreña by Pyramid Seeds fills the air with its intense fragrances that transport the grower to country-side and spring-like places.

Its smoke emerges dense, fresh, slowly ascending towards the ceiling. The puff engulfs sweet, traditional pastry-like flavors.


Alpujarreña by Pyramid Seeds has a THC level of 16%. A pleasant and manageable sensation for most novice growers.

Its indica genes take the front seat, making it a fantastic strain for the end of the day, which aids in muscle relaxation, tension relief and welcoming an estate of peace, tranquility and relaxation. Its effect is gentle, euphoric and mood-enhancing, resulting in leisure and rest, as well as enhances focus during meditation.


Alpujarreña by Pyramid Seeds is a strain with a good yield capacity regardless of the system chosen.

  • Indoor grows of this strain can yield results of 550g/m2
  • Outdoor plantations can yield up to 500 – 1500g per plant.

Flowering Indoors

Alpujarreña by Pyramid Seeds can be ready for harvest in 50 – 55 days of flowering.

Flowering Outdoors

In outdoor grows, this strain harnesses its full maturity by mid to late September.

Sativa/Indica Percentage

10% sativa – 90% indica


  • THC 16%
  • CBD <1%

La Huerta's Opinion

Alpujarreña by Pyramid Seeds is an adaptable strain capable of offering good yields relative to its growth speed. Moreover, it has a good THC percentage and a delightful flavor.

It's recommended for any type of growers, specifically outdoor growers, without space limitations and guerrilla growers, as its genes are adapted to the rigors of high mountain and doesn't require extensive care.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Feminized seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More indica (relaxing)
Flowering time
Fast Flowering (45-55 days)
Strong effect
Hash/Resin flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Wooden flavour
Other characteristics
Easy to grow
Ideal for extracts

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