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Aptus Fulvic Blast is a stimulant for the growth phase. Aptus Fulvic Blast improves plant health and strengthens them against pests and fungi, while also providing extra growth and strength.


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Type and Use

Aptus Fulvic Blast is a stimulator for the growth phase by Aptus Holland, which helps in the vegetative process by providing more robust growth and increasing resistance to pests, fungi, and potentially harmful microorganisms lurking in plants.

Aptus Fulvic Blast is 100% water-soluble. Therefore, it won't leave any residue making it suitable for any cultivation system, such as hydroponics.

Plant Benefits

Aptus Fulvic Blast is a growth stimulator that contributes to healthy crops, thereby ensuring optimal yield for cannabis growers, superior to the average flower harvest quality.

It eliminates excessive nutrients in the plant, ultimately strengthening its immune system and making them resistant to pests and fungi, thus ensuring healthy plants with ideal growth.

Aptus Fulvic Blast enhances absorption of micro-elements present in the fertilizers and cultivation media, leading to a considerable improvement in flower quality. Terpene production and flower size increase while preventing deficiencies of these micro-elements in the plant.

Aptus Fulvic Blast growth stimulator provides extra energy during the growth stage, this results in plants that transition into the flowering phase healthy with an extra energy boost that will be rewarded by an increase in the final yield.

How to Use and Dosage

The product needs to be thoroughly mixed to prevent accumulations at the bottom.

Apply Aptus Fulvic Blast weekly, throughout the plant's growth phase at a dosage of 0.3ml/l.

If deficiencies of micro-elements in the plants are observed, it's advisable to reapply Aptus Fulvic Blast to correct them.


Aptus Fulvic Blast's composition is as follows:

  • Vitamins
  • Flowering-enhancing amino acids
  • Fulvic acids with low molecular weight
  • Essential micro-elements
  • Trace elements

La Huerta's Opinion

The Aptus Fulvic growth stimulator has a fast-acting effect, and substantial changes in plant health and vigor can be observed after just a few applications.

Data sheet

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Growth stage
Type of stimulant or additive
Growth stimulant
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