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The Try-Pack Outdoor from Biobizz contains everything you need to fertilize 1 to 4 outdoor cannabis plants during the growth phase and flowering, in a organic and natural way. It's easy to use. It includes a growth fertilizer, a flowering fertilizer and a flowering booster.


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Try-Pack Outdoor consists of:

  • 250ml of Bio Bloom, an organic flowering nutrient
  • 250ml of Fish Mix, a natural growth nutrient
  • 250ml of Top Max, a biofloral stimulant.

Extremely easy to use.

It has everything needed for the growth and flowering cycles of one to four outdoor cannabis plants, in pots or in the garden soil.

The plants grow vigorously and bloom abundantly, fully developing the cannabinoids, aromas, and flavors.

La Huerta’s Opinion

The Outdoor Try-Pack from Biobizz is an ideal product for growers with a few plants who want a hassle-free, high-quality harvest, with all the taste and aroma of naturally grown cannabis.

For best results, it's recommended to add a root stimulator and a growth one such as Root Juice and Bio Heaven from the same Biobizz range.

Data sheet

Type of composition
Bio or organic
Fertilizer kits
Growth stage
Type of fertilizer
Fertilizer for flowering stage
Fertilizer for vegetative stage
Type of stimulant or additive
Bud fattener
Flowering stimulant
Type of grow
Soil grow
From Kwstas | 2023-07-10 06:32:46

So if I got it right,the blue is the veg fertilizer,the orange's the bud fattener and the red one is the flowering stimulant?

La Huerta Grow Shop


fish mix or bio grow is used throughout the cycle, it is the one that provides nitrogen,

bio bloom and top max are added once we enter flowering.

Bio bloom and Bio Grow/fishmix are the fertilizers, TOP MAX would be the bloom stimulator.

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