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Blue Sunset Sherbert - Barney's Farm
  • Blue Sunset Sherbert - Barney's Farm
  • Blue Sunset Sherbert - Barney's Farm
  • Blue Sunset Sherbert - Barney's Farm
  • Blue Sunset Sherbert - Barney's Farm


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The marijuana strain Blue Sunset Sherbert from Barney's Farm is an indica dominant with levels of around 28% THC, one of the most potent in the catalog of this bank.

Its strong effect produces an energizing and creative sensation which is followed by a deep physical relaxation. A multicolored West Coast beauty that surprises even the most experienced for its great production of trichomes.

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Blue Sunset Sherbert from Barney's Farm is an exceptional strain that is a treat for the senses during the last weeks of flowering, giving off an exceptional aroma and a diverse range of colors.

Type and genetics

Blue Sunset Sherbert feminized marijuana seeds from Barney's Farm are the result of combining the fruity indica Sunset Sherbet (Sherbet Dib Dab) with Purple Punch; two West Coast strains known for their strong effect and great taste.

  • Sunset Sherbert is the result of the
  • union of Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panties, (which in turn is a cross between Kush and Burmese.)
  • Purple Punch is a combination of Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple



This American jewel grows with the structure of an Indica-dominant hybrid, a compact plant but branched enough to produce an abundant harvest. During the flowering period, this genetic stretches slightly but not too much compared to other varieties, so it is easier to predict the final size of the plant, and thus make a good estimate of the space that will be needed during the last weeks of flowering.

Aroma and taste

Undoubtedly, one of the features that has made this variety famous internationally, is that its exquisite aroma and flavor of caramel and ber ries is something very special. A very particular combination that culminates in the mouth with subtle notes of lemon, an experience that surprises and captivates even those expert palates that believe they have already tried everything. All this thanks to its exceptional terpene profile with high levels of Limonene, Humumene and Terpinolene.


Blue Sunset Sherbert has a strong effect that combines an instant high of mental stimulation with strong physical relaxation. It provides moments of great creativity and joy with calm, very pleasant, ideal to end the day with a smile.


Despite its medium-low height and its compact structure, Blue Sunset Sherbert is a great producer outdoors and indoors. It flowers with a large central cola surrounded by buds of great size and density, a plant that fills with resin even in the leaves. In indoor cultivation, in a closet of one square meter, it can produce between 660 and 700 grams; grown outdoors in soil or in very large pots, it can produce up to one kilogram per plant.

Flowering in indoor cultivation

It completes the flowering after 8 or 9 weeks, after the necessary vegetative phase. It supports very well the weight of the buds. However, if you use trellising techniques such as yo-yo cultivation, or LST, SOG and SCROG techniques, you can increase flower production.

Flowering in outdoor crops

Grown in full sun it will be ready to cut during the first two weeks of October in the northern hemisphere and during the first two weeks of April in the southern hemisphere. It has an average height between 150 and 200 centimeters.

Ring trellising or vertical application of a cultivation net will increase production .

Sativa/Indica ratio

Indica 65% / Sativa 35%.


  • THC: 28%.

La Huerta's opinion

Blue Sunset Sherbert from Barney's Farm gives us the best of sativas and indicas in a tasty and very productive plant. Its flowers are very easy to manicure but the amount of trichomes found even in large leaves make it a good candidate for extractions.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Feminized seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More indica (relaxing)
Flowering time
Average Flowering (55-65 days)
Strong effect
Berry flavor
Citric flavour
Lemon flavour
Sweet/candy flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Cookies strain
Kush strain
Lilac/purple strain
Other characteristics
High yield
Ideal for extracts

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