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The Bubble Gum Regular seeds from Serious Seeds bring the original, uncut genetics of a highly appreciated variety for cultivators. The seed bank, which boasts one of the two original versions of Bubble Gum, presents a regular hybrid with equal percentages 50 - 50 sativa/indica, which can reach its optimal maturity point after 56 - 63 days of flowering.

As they are regular seeds, the resulting plant can be female (marijuana) or male (hemp), a factor that the cultivator must know and control in their favor.

The strain has a medium growth profile, being able to stretch up to approximately 90 - 100cm. It is also prepared to produce good yields, up to 300 - 450g/m2 in indoor crops.

A highly successful genetics for its flower and resin productivity, with a sweet strawberry bubblegum flavor. It has an approximately 20% THC percentage.

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Type and Genetics

The Bubble Gum Regular Seeds from Serious Seeds are the result of one of the most enigmatic genetics in cannabis history. While this bank, based in Holland, boasts of having one of the two original genetics, the history of its lineage dates back to American growers who eventually brought the variety to the founders of this institution.

From germination, a regular hybrid is obtained with equal percentages of 50-50 sativa/indica, with all the sensory characteristics that have made this genetics famous.

This cannabis variety is regular, so it can produce a female specimen (marijuana) or male specimen (hemp).

This genetics shows the robust structure of indicas, with large flowers emerging from the tips of its thick lower branches. The production of aromatic resin is one of its strong points, creating a dense layer of resin that covers the flowers and a large part of the leaves, something that appeals to growers who love extractions and concentrates.


The growth profile of Bubble Gum Regular Seeds from Serious Seeds is medium.

  • This plant can reach an average height of 90-100cm.

Aroma and Flavor

The scent emitted by the flowers of Bubble Gum Regular Seeds from Serious Seeds is potent and sugary.

The smoke is white and aromatic, leaving an intense taste of strawberry gum and red fruits, evoking memories related to childhood candies.


Bubble Gum Regular Seeds from Serious Seeds has a THC concentration of 20%. A concentration of psychoactive compounds that, despite being potent, falls within the average of current strains, providing an intense but manageable sensation.

A stress-relieving strain, brimming with peace, joy, and optimism.


Bubble Gum Regular Seeds from Serious Seeds is capable of providing generous harvests to growers who provide the necessary care.

  • Harvests of around 300-450g on average can be obtained.

Flowering in Indoor Cultivations

You can consider harvesting after 56-63 days of flowering.

Flowering in Outdoor Cultivations

In outdoor plantations, a harvest of mature flowers can be obtained in mid to late October.

Sativa/Indica Ratio

50% sativa - 50% indica


  • THC approximately 20%.


  • 3rd prize at Spannabis 2007
  • Plant of the year Soft Secrets 2006
  • 1st prize at Spannabis 2005
  • 2nd prize at High Times Cannabis Cup 1995 in the overall category
  • 2nd prize at High Times Cannabis Cup 1995 in the hydro category

La Huerta's Opinion

Bubble Gum Regular Seeds from Serious Seeds is a strain with high production and flowers that emit large amounts of resin with excellent flavor.

It is recommended for all types of growers, especially for outdoor growers and novice growers who want an easy-to-grow strain that offers great results. Also for resin enthusiasts, concentrates, and extractions.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Regular seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More indica (relaxing)
Flowering time
Average Flowering (55-65 days)
Strong effect
Chewing gum flavor
Strawberry flavour
Sweet/candy flavour
Other characteristics
Award winning prize
Ideal for extracts

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