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Measuring Cups and Pipettes


Measuring Cups and Pipettes

When it comes to growing cannabis it's incredibly important to pay close attention to nutrient and additive doses that are added to the water. This is incredibly important; as your plants grow, you can add many different nutrients and substances to your water and substrate.

Over-fertilizing your plants or under-feeding them is something that can cause partial or even total yield loss, especially if it happens during the flowering stage. Over-fertilization symptoms and deficiency symptoms are generally quite easy to detect, although it’s best not to reach this point.

In order to stop this from happening, you’re better off keeping careful control over your nutrient doses; you can do this using measuring cups and droppers or pipettes, affordable and highly useful tools. Thanks to these accessories you can take exact measurements of small or large amounts of nutrients, additives and products needed to keep your plants healthy, including nutrients and pH adjusters.


Plastic pipettes are ideal for products that are used in extremely small amounts due to their high concentration. Plus, they’re ideal for taking exact amounts of nutrient product, without spilling or losing a single drop, which can sometimes happen when using other methods.

They come in two different sizes; 3ml or 5ml. We recommend cleaning them thoroughly using water after each use in order to make sure that they’re clean. In order to use these tools all you have to do is place one end in your nutrients and squeeze the top; this creates a vacuum effect and allows the product to be absorbed. In order to expel it, simply squeeze the top again.

Measuring Cups

In order to use larger, but precise doses, you can also use our measuring cups that come in various sizes, 70 and 250ml. These cups are ideal for those that have large watering tanks; it’s not really that efficient nor sustainable to use a small pipette to dosify your water tanks.

Just like with your pipettes, we recommend cleaning your measuring cups after every use in order to avoid residue build-up, and extend their lifespan. Plus, cleaning your grow tools and room is quite an important aspect of fungi and pest prevention.

If you want to know more about our measuring cups or pipettes, get in touch with our team of experts and we’ll help you out!

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