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GG4 Sherbet FF seeds from Fast Buds come from a meticulous selection of phenotypes of Gorilla Glue #4 and Orange Sherbet. This results in a fast flowering (FF) hybrid with indica predominance that advances its flowering by several weeks, reaching the end of the road in just 49 flowering days. They require a vegetative period.

It is a strain with a medium to tall growth profile, reaching an average of 200cm. In indoor cultivation, yields of up to 450-600g/m2 can be achieved.

A variety that combines two luxury genetics, with sweet, citrusy, earthy, spicy, and nutty flavors. It has a powerful 27% THC content.

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Type and genetics

GG4 Sherbet FF by Fast Buds seeds are the result of meticulous mother selection by the breeders of this prestigious bank. With the aim of obtaining a rich and resistant strain, they started with the legendary Gorilla Glue #4 and Orange Sherbet, to create a "Fast Flowering" hybrid with a predominant Indica profile that meets the expectations of even the most skeptical cultivators.

Fast flowering, early version, quick, or simply fast genetics are characterized by being strains created from the crossbreeding between an autoflowering genetics and a photoperiod-dependent phenotype. This combination results in a strain that shortens the harvesting time by one to two weeks, compared to regular genetics.

Early version varieties also have a series of advantages derived from these shorter periods, such as lower use of material and energy resources, less impact from fungi and insect pests, and other qualities highly appreciated by cultivators in cold climates or those looking to take advantage of their easy cultivation.

The plant develops in the style of Indicas, with powerful lower branches and sturdy stems that support robust, dense flowers covered in resin, which is highly appreciated by cultivators who love concentrates and extractions.


The growth profile of this strain is medium to high. It is recommended for use both indoors and outdoors, regardless of the selected growing medium, such as substrate, rock wool, hydroponics, aeroponics, etc.

  • The GG4 Sherbet FF by Fast Buds can reach 200cm under good growing conditions.

Aroma and flavor

GG4 Sherbet FF by Fast Buds develops the terpene profile of its predecessors even further. The strain's aroma fills the grow room, revealing sweet and fruity nuances that are confirmed during grinding.

The smoke is smooth, dense, and delicate. It rises slowly in the air above heads, revealing swirls of golden and blue reflections. The inhalation brings sugary evocations of lemon, freshly turned black soil, and nuts such as hazelnut or almond.


GG4 Sherbet FF has a 27% THC content. It has a considerable potency that could catch even the most experienced cultivator off guard. A careful approach may be advisable.

The influence of the genetics is felt just a few seconds after the first inhale. A good cerebral rush leads to a state of deep relaxation, where problems wash away, leaving behind peace and tranquility.

The physical body starts to feel heavier, relieving muscles of tension and pain, ending with a good opening of the appetite and a desire for a nap.


GG4 Sherbet FF by Fast Buds is a strain prepared to provide excellent yields.

  • In indoor crops, it can generate up to 450-600/m2
  • In outdoor plantations, it is possible to expect around 400-600g per plant.

Flowering in indoor crops

Only 49 days of flowering are needed to obtain a harvest of mature flowers. It is one of the fastest in its category regarding flowering time. It requires a vegetative period.

Flowering in outdoor crops

In outdoor plantations, harvesting can start in mid-September.

Sativa/Indica ratio

30% Sativa - 70% Indica


  • THC 27%

La Huerta's opinion

GG4 Sherbet FF by Fast Buds is a highly adaptable strain, with good yield, a high percentage of THC, and rivers of sugary resin.

It can be recommended to any type of cultivator, especially to indoor cultivators with enough space for the plant to develop its full potential. It is also recommended for cultivators who love extracts and concentrates.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Autoflowering seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More indica (relaxing)
Flowering time
Fast Flowering (45-55 days)
Potent effect
Citric flavour
Earthy flavour
Lemon flavour
Nut flavor
Spiced flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Gorilla glue strain
Other characteristics
Easy to grow
Variedad temprana

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