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Haze Berry Automatic seeds from Royal Queen Seeds manage to combine the best of two families that are living legends in the history of cannabis. This cross of the original strain (Blueberry x Shining Silver Haze) with the addition of a Blueberry Auto, results in a sativa-dominant autoflowering hybrid capable of completing its full life cycle in 70 - 77 days.

With a medium growth profile, this strain can reach 90 - 130cm, approx. Indoors, yields of around 350 - 400gr/m2 can be expected.

Its abundant flowers covered by a deep layer of frosting, linger with a sweet and fruity taste. It has a percentage of 13% of THC.

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Type and genetics

Haze Berry Automatic seeds from Royal Queen Seeds are the result of mixing two elite strains such as the original strain (Blueberry x Shining Silver Haze) with a Blueberry Auto, obtaining an autoflowering sativa-dominant hybrid with a new terpene profile that unifies the characteristics of the Blue family and all the Haze flavor of this branch of cannabis, in record time.

It's a strain that, despite its sativa predominance, has a typical indica development with large pyramidal flowers at the ends of its branches and produces a thick layer of resin, giving rise to that "snowy" appearance.


Haze Berry Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds is a medium-sized plant with a medium profile that can easily adapt to any type of growing system chosen by the grower.

  • In indoor cultivation it can reach up to 90 - 130cm.
  • In outdoor plantations, this strain is able to stretch up to 80 - 130cm.

Aroma and taste

The scent given off by this variety is lightly perceived around the plant, being mostly imprisoned inside its flowers. However, a brief rubbing spills into the air olfactory sensations that run sweet and fruity paths .

The smoke is of first quality, rises to the ceiling with elegance. The puff drags flavors of forest fruit jam and jelly beans.


Haze Berry Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds is a strain with an approximate THC concentration of 13%.

This is a mild psychoactive potency, possibly not very appreciable for veteran growers but could be highly valued by growers sensitive to the molecule, medicinal self-cultivators and growers looking for a light strain suitable for any time.

The strain's relaxing effect will be light, with no hints of high, paranoia or angst, perfect for a few puffs during a break from activity or for a quick escape from everyday meetings.


Haze Berry Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds is ready to offer good harvests to the experienced grower who gives her the little care she needs to grow strong and healthy.

  • In indoor cultivation it is possible to expect yields of between 350 - 400g/m2.
  • In outdoor plantations, yields of around 100 - 150g per plant can be expected.

Flowering (Complete life cycle)

It will take about 70 - 77 days for the plant to grow from seed to adult plant.

Sativa/indica Percentage

65% sativa - 30% indica - 15% Ruderalis


  • THC 13%.

La Huerta's opinion

Haze Berry Automatic from Royal Queen Seeds is a versatile strain, very adaptable to any growing system and with which the grower will be able to put his skills into practice. In addition, it has an admirable production and a flavor that growers will not get tired of tasting.

It is recommended to all types of growers, especially outdoor growers who have enough knowledge to promote the yields of this generous plant.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Autoflowering seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More sativa (stimulating)
Flowering time
Fast Flowering (45-55 days)
Strong effect
Berry flavor
Incensed/Haze flavour
Sweet/candy flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Blue strain
Haze strain
Other characteristics
Easy to grow
Ideal for extracts

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