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Honey Cream Fast Flowering seeds by Royal Queen Seeds are the result of a studied cross between BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica and the legendary White Rhino. From this mix comes a feminized hybrid of indica-dominance, which presses the accelerator pedal to take only 49 - 56 days of flowering to be ready for harvest.

The strain has a medium growth profile, reaching an average height of 100-160cm. In indoor crops, you can expect yields of around 500 - 550g/m2.

A robust strain, with a lovely sweet caramel taste and earthy aftertaste. It has up to 16% THC.

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Type and genetics

Honey Cream Fast Flowering seeds by Royal Queen Seeds are the result of a luxury cross between studied strains by expert breeders. From a cross between BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino, a feminized indica-dominant hybrid emerges, which retains all the flavor of the original and is almost two weeks faster.

"Fast flowering", "early version", "quick", or just "fast" strains are characterized by being created from a cross between an autoflowering strain and a photodependent phenotype. The result of this mix is a strain that shortens the harvest time by one to two weeks compared to the usual strains.

The "fast" strains also present a series of advantages, such as better dispersion of clones, less use of material and energy resources, less affection of fungi and insect pests, among other qualities highly appreciated by growers in cold climates.

This strain presents the robust structure of the Indica, with large flowers that emerge from the tips of its thick lower branches. The production of aromatic resin is one of its strong points, creating a dense layer of snow that covers from the flowers to a good part of the leaves.


The growth profile of Honey Cream Fast Flowering from Royal Queen Seeds is medium. It's very versatile in terms of cultivation techniques, responding very well to SCROG, SOG and LST. It's suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, as well as for any growing system, in substrate, hydroponic, aeroponic, etcetera.

  • The strain can reach an average height of 100 - 250cm.

Aroma and taste

The mixture of these strains reproduces a terpene profile that has become incredibly popular. The strain does not give off too much aroma in your grow room because it locks all their perfume inside their absolutely snowy flowers. The inspection of one of the multiple buds, spills to the air super sweet olfactory sensations.

The smoke emerges fresh and in column towards the sky. The puff drags flavors of silky fruit candy and forest floor in autumn .


Honey Cream Fast Flowering by Royal Queen Seeds has a THC percentage of 16%, acceptable for most novice growers, resulting in a pleasant and manageable high.

Its Indica genetics make an appearance, in a fantastic strain for the end of the day, which contributes to relax the muscles, relaxing them and welcoming a state of peace, tranquility, lucidity and relaxation.

Its cerebral effect is soft, euphoric and promotes good mood, leading to relaxation and enjoyment of leisure time, consuming movies, art or literature, being able to concentrate on these activities without any issues.


The expected results of Honey Cream Fast Flowering from Royal Queen Seeds can be very generous if its characteristics are taken into account and wisely enhanced.

  • In indoor crops, the plant can deliver yields of up to 500 - 550g/m2.
  • In outdoor grows, yields of up to 656 - 675g per plant can be achieved.

Impressive, given the speed of the strain.

Flowering in indoor crops

Honey Cream Fast Flowering by Royal Queen Seeds needs about 50 - 55 days of flowering to reach fruit maturity.

Flowering in outdoor crops

In outdoor grows, harvesting can be completed around the beginning of October .

Sativa/indica Percentage

35% sativa - 65% indica.


  • THC 16%.

La Huerta's opinion

The Honey Cream Fast Flowering from Royal Queen Seeds is a fast flowering strain that keeps intact the properties of the original strains, with a good production of flowers and resin, as well as a very characteristic and appreciated taste.

It's ideal for any type grower, especially to growers in cold areas or to novice growers looking for a productive and fast strain.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Feminized seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More indica (relaxing)
Flowering time
Fast Flowering (45-55 days)
Medium effect
Earthy flavour
Sweet/candy flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Skunk - Critical strain
White strain
Other characteristics
Ideal for extracts

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