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HPS Grow Light Reflectors


HPS Grow Light Reflectors

What is a Reflector for Grow Tents?

HPS, MH and LEC grow lights produce light in all directions. Reflectors are used to redirect light towards your plants, making for an even and balanced plant-coverage.

How to Pick the Best Indoor Grow Reflector

You’ll need to keep in mind the following characteristics when growing indoors:

  • Material reflection percentage.
  • Light redirection capacity.

The best reflective material isn’t necessarily the best solution for distributing light in a certain area. When picking a reflector, you’ll need to find a balance between material and design; this is why we don’t stock smooth-finished reflectors, as they concentrate light in the one spot and they’re not effective.

Reflectors for HPS and MH Grow Lights

Reflectors can be put into the following categories:

Closed reflectors:

  • Closed reflectors have a reflective screen and a glass cover.
  • Air passing through the reflector can lower the temperature by a few degrees at the cost of losing reflective capacity and light intensity.
  • Closed reflectors are useful for extreme cases in which you can’t lower the temperature.
  • They’re not a solution for cooling your grow down, however. We recommend combining an extraction fan with a fan before switching to a closed reflector.

Open Reflectors for HPS Grow Lights

Open reflectors for HPS Grow Lights are designed to increase the quality and efficiency of light produced by the bulbs. Within our open reflector for HPS section you can find the following types:

Parabolic reflectors for HPS:

  • Shaped like a satellite.
  • The least efficient types at redistributing light.
  • The biggest benefit is its price.

Double-parabolic Reflectors for HPS:

  • This type of reflector allows you to optimize the lighting, adjusting it to the size and space in your grow tent.
  • These reflectors are recommended if you want to make the most of your lighting.
  • It has two adjustable wings that allow you to adjust light distribution in your grow tent.

Some double-parabolic reflectors come with an accessory called a Spreader:

  • Spreaders improve light distribution, getting rid of hot spots under your lights and in the corners.
  • Optimizes reflectors such as the Pearl XL Pro and Adjust a Wing.

What HPS Grow Light Reflector should you get?

Have a look through our catalogue if you’re looking for reflectors for high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) grow lights, perfect for each and every need.

If you’re struggling with the heat…

We recommend using Cooltube, a type of closed reflector,

  • The bulb itself goes inside a tube that is air-cooled.
  • An extractor is installed on one end of the tube.
  • Air goes through the tube and expulses hot air from the lamp out of your grow tent.

This system is capable of reducing temperature by 2 – 4°C. For maximum efficiency it’s important for the cooltube to be obtaining cool air from outside the grow room and for the outlet to be directed outside the grow.

The Cool Tube reflector is available in two sizes:

  • 125mm diameter for 400w – 600w grow lights.
  • 150mm diameter for 600w – 1000w grow lights.

If you’re looking for a cheap option…

The hammertone screen reflector is made out of aluminum and reflects between 80 – 86% of all light.

  • Compared to other types of reflectors, this one’s weak spot is that it isn’t quite as effective at distributing light.

The Reflector Pearl Pro-XL by Garden Highpro is the cheapest double-parabolic reflector that allows you to improve the quality and yield produced by your indoor grow.

  • Made out of aluminium using Pearl technology that improves light reflection.
  • Comes with a spreader and can be used with grow tents from 80x80 cm to 120x120 cm.

Adjust a Wing Enforcer Medium: made by the first company that started selling double-parabolic reflectors. The Enforcer version is the cheapest of their models.

  • Reflects up to 86% light.
  • For grow tents from 100x100 to 150x150 cm.

Azerwing medium: by the renowned brand Prima Klima.

  • It’s made out of anodized 86% reflective aluminum.
  • For grow tents from 100x100 to 150x150 cm.

If you’re looking for a high range model…

If you’re a professional indoor grower and you want to make the most of your grow light, we highly recommend:

Azerwing Vega: the pro version of Prima Klima.

  • 95% light reflection.
  • Designed to be used in 100x100 to 150x150cm grow tents.

Adjust a Wing Medium Professional

  • Highly reflective surface coated in PVD/ceramic, reflects up to 95-97%.
  • For 100x100 cm to 150x150 cm grow tents.
  • Includes spreader.

Large Azerwing: this reflector can be used with one 1000w grow light or two 600w grow lights.

  • Made in aluminium, produces up to 95% reflection.
  • Can be used with 150x150 cm to 197x197 cm grow tents.
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