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LEC Reflectors


LEC Reflectors

Why Do You Need a LEC Reflector?

  • LEC bulbs produce light in all directions.
  • Reflectors are used to redirect light towards your cannabis plants.

How to Choose the Best LEC Reflector

When it comes to picking the right LEC reflector, you’ll need to keep the following factors in mind;

  • Reflection percentage.
  • The design of the reflector in regards to your plants.

You shouldn’t just look for maximum light production, you should also make sure that it is evenly spread out and doesn’t cause hot points.

Your main objective is to make sure ALL plants grow properly.

What Types of LEC Reflectors Are There?

There are two different type of reflectors that can be used with LEC grow lights.

Parabolic Reflectors

  • Has an open-curved shape.
  • Is less efficient compared to double-parabolic lighting.
  • Cheaper model due to its simplicity.

Double-parabolic Reflectors

  • This design allows you to fit your lighting to your grow tent.
  • More efficient model.
  • Perfect for making the most out of your LEC lights.

Some double-parabolic reflectors also have an accessory called a Spreader. You can also add it to other models. Spreaders are used to improve light distribution and to get rid of hot spots under the lamps.

What LEC Reflector Should You Get?

If you already have a reflector for your HPS grow light and you’d like to switch to LEC lighting, you can use an adaptor to switch it over:

If you’re looking for a cheaper option…

  • The hammertone screen reflector alongside the LEC socket adaptor is the most affordable option for 315w LEC grow lights. The aluminium in the reflector can reflect from 80 to 86% light.
  • Parabolic in shape, designed for 630w LEC and 1000w DE HPS lights, the LEC Double Ended ECO Reflector is ideal and produces up to 80 - 85% reflective capacity. 

These reflectors are more affordable, although it’s not quite as effective as double-parabolic reflectors.

The Reflector Pearl Pro XL by Garden Highpro is a double-parabolic reflector that can be used with 315w LEC grow lights.

  • Made out of aluminium using Pearl technology which improves reflectivity.
  • Comes with a spreader.
  • For grow tents up to 120x120 cm.

Other Affordable Options

The Adjust-a-Wings Enforcer Medium is made by an Australian reflector manufacturer, pioneers in the sale of double-parabolic reflectors. The Enforcer is one of their most well-known devices. Alongside the Hellion socket you can use this reflector with a LEC 630w grow light or a double ended 1000w HPS light. If you have an E-40 CMH/LEC Adaptor socket you can also use it with a 315w LEC grow light.

  • 86% reflection
  • Ideal for use in 100x100 cm to 150x150 cm grow tents.

The Azerwing Medium by the renowned manufacturer Prima Klima, alongside an adaptor socket, allows you to use a LEC 315w grow light.

  • Made out of anodized aluminium that produces 86% reflection.
  • For 100x100 cm to 150x150 cm grow tents.

If you’re looking for a high end reflector…

In order to make the most of your LEC grow lights we recommend:

The Azerwing Vega is Prima Klima’s professional model. With the LEC adaptor socket you can use it with a 315w LEC.

  • Produces 95% reflection.
  • For 100x100 cm to 150x150 cm grow tents.

Adjust a Wing Medium Professional: with the Hellion socket, you can use this reflector with a 630w LEC grow light or a 1000w HPS DE grow light. If you have an E-40 CMH/LEC Adaptor socket you can also use it with a 315w LEC grow light.

  • Higher reflection percentage: 95 – 97%
  • For 100x100 cm to 150x150 cm grow tents.
  • Comes with a spreader.

The Azerwing Large reflector allows you to use two 315w LEC grow lights with two E-40 CMH/LEC 315w adaptors.

  • Made using 95% reflective aluminium.
  • Ideal for grow tents from 150x150 cm to 197x197 cm in size.

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