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This Silica Power Additive by BAC is the ideal solution for adding the required Silicon percentage that plants need. Silicon impacts the structure of the plant, acting as a containment barrier in areas where fungi accumulate.

The compound concentrates in the cell walls and roots, where it transforms into a preventative method against parasite attacks and rot. Moreover, it increases the natural resistance of the strain against adverse conditions, such as extreme heat or cool temperatures.

It also improves conditions in response to drought, salinity, and mineral toxicity, achieving balanced and natural growth, while simultaneously enhancing nutrient absorption and preventing the dreaded "nutrient lockout".

It's available in 250ml, 500ml, and 1L formats.


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Type and Uses

This additive, Silica Power by BAC, is a bio-mineral compound that promotes the growth of plant cell walls, unlocking their natural potential and strengthening their defenses against pest attacks and sudden climate changes.

Silicon is one of the most common elements in the Earth's crust, yet it's not present in many commercial substrates or in hydroponics systems, for example.

  • Enhances nutrient synthesis, like phosphorus in a 40 – 60% ratio or nitrogen.
  • Boosts natural resistance to drought, weather incidents, or fungal attacks.
  • Supports the root system.
  • Reduces salinity and toxicity of the environment.
  • Prevents nutrient blockage.
  • Regulates the substrate's pH.

Benefits for the Plant

The main focus of Silica Power by BAC is the plant's cell walls, its roots, and the soil. By acting on the cell walls, the compound enhances the plant's overall resistance to adverse conditions, extreme cold or heat, drought, salinity, or mineral toxicity.

  • Silicon accumulates in certain parts of the roots, crystallizing and building a barrier against the invasion of pathogens or pests.
  • It also helps to retain necessary nutrients, for instance, in flooding situations, thanks to its good interaction with calcium and magnesium.
  • In general, the plant will develop more quickly and efficiently.


This product is a bio-mineral additive. It's based on a silicon solution obtained through natural processes.

How to Use and Dose

Applying Silica Power by BAC is straightforward and intuitive. It can be used in two ways:

- As protection against fungi in the stem. Apply directly to form protective crystals.

- In the form of irrigation so that it's absorbed by the plant's roots.

The dosage can vary between 0.1 – 0.3ml per 1L of water.

Please note, its use is essential in hydroponic crops, given the low level of silicon in this type of cultivation, in addition to the high possibility of fungi invasions. The manufacturer also recommends it for coconut fiber crops and any system that wants to protect and/or enhance the capacity of the cationic exchange.

La Huerta's Opinion

The Silica Power additive is an easy-to-use and proven product.

It's recommended for all growers who want to avoid many problems derived from standard cultivation, improve their plant's defenses, or achieve healthy, strong, and productive growth.

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