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The Karibbean Mango seeds from Kannabia Seeds represent one of the latest genetics developed by this prestigious bank. Through a cross between Skunk Mango and a Black Domina, a feminized hybrid with an indica predominance is obtained, which takes only 60 - 65 days to flower.

The strain has a medium - high size, being able to stretch up to an average of 90 - 200cm. In indoor crops, it can yield up to 480-500g/m2.

A strain highly appreciated for its resistance to inclement weather and pests in general, with a sweet, fruity, and sour flavor. It has a THC percentage of 18.5%.

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Type and genetics

The Karibbean Mango seeds from Kannabia Seeds are the latest achievement by the expert breeders of this prestigious seed bank. By crossing the Mango Skunk and a Black Domina, a feminized hybrid with predominant indica characteristics is obtained, which adds a new terpene profile that preserves and enhances its parental line, especially in terms of productivity.

The plant develops like a sativa type, with an open structure, wide internodal spaces, Christmas tree appearance, light and diversified branches, which may need support to hold the enormous buds produced by this strain.


The growth profile of the Karibbean Mango strain from Kannabia Seeds is medium to high. Its use is recommended both indoors and outdoors, regardless of the selected cultivation method, such as substrate, rock wool, hydroponics, aeroponics, etc.

  • The plant can reach an average height of 90 - 200cm.

Aroma and flavor

One of the best features of the Karibbean Mango strain from Kannabia Seeds is its fantastic organoleptic profile. The scent has a medium intensity, and the discerning cultivator can confirm its intensity inside the buds, with sweet and spring-like aromas.

The smoke rises elegantly, describing dense and sinuous wisps that expand into a far-reaching aromatic wave. The inhale brings sugary and fruity flavors like fresh mango, contrasting with acidic sparks in the background of the palate.


The Karibbean Mango strain from Kannabia Seeds has a THC concentration of 18.5%. It is noticeable for experienced cultivators and can be a little intense for first-time growers. Despite this, it falls within the average of what most current strains offer, so it should be quite manageable.

The mental high brings a spark of positive energy that allows one to approach situations with joy and optimism, discarding negative feelings and emotional burdens, leaving them behind like water under the bridge.

The physical body relaxes, loosens, and stretches, releasing the rigors of daily life and enjoying a conscious relaxation, opening doors to perception beyond the ordinary, giving rise to delight and creativity.


The Karibbean Mango strain from Kannabia Seeds is prepared to give enormous harvests to the cultivator who knows how to provide it with the care it needs.

  • In indoor crops, yields of around 480 - 500g/m2 can be expected.
  • In outdoor plantations, it is possible to obtain harvests of over 550g per plant.

Indoor flowering

The Karibbean Mango strain from Kannabia Seeds will need 60 - 65 days of flowering to reach a harvest of mature and ripe flowers.

Outdoor flowering

In outdoor plantations, it will be necessary to wait until late September to harvest.

Sativa/Indica percentage

Predominantly indica.


  • THC 18.5%

La Huerta's opinion

The Karibbean Mango from Kannabia Seeds is a fast-growing strain with a medium to high profile. It has an interesting flavor and is easy to cultivate. It also offers genuine avalanches of buds on harvest day.

It is recommended to any type of grower who has enough space to cultivate this variety, as well as to outdoor growers using guerrilla systems, as its natural resistance to pests and inclement weather can be very attractive for these systems. It is also recommended for growers who enjoy concentrates and extractions.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Feminized seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More indica (relaxing)
Flowering time
Average Flowering (55-65 days)
Strong effect
Acid taste
Mango flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Tropical flavour
Skunk - Critical strain
Other characteristics
High yield
Ideal for extracts

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