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Lebanese Standard seeds by Ace Seeds are the product of decades of breeding and selection. The goal: to adapt the cannabis strain, known for producing the famous Lebanese blond and red hashish, for indoor cultivation. Thus, from mixes of Lebanese landraces, a predominantly sativa regular hybrid is obtained, which takes about 63 - 77 days to flower.

This strain deploys marvelous terpenes that lead to sweet, fruity, hashish resin and floral flavors, while maintaining a THC percentage of 8%.

As it’s a regular strain, from its germination, one can obtain either a male plant (hemp) or a female plant (cannabis).

Seeds per pack

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Type and Genetics

Regular Lebanese seeds by Ace Seeds are the outcome of thorough research by this prestigious seed bank, who are dedicated to the preservation of untamed landraces traditionally used for the extraction of derivatives, such as the well-known "Red Lebanese". Consequently, a very resinous Lebanese landrace strain was adapted, creating a regular hybrid with a sativa dominance, which is significantly more suited for planting across all types of cultivation systems than its ancestral strains.


Starts robust with broad leaves and develops like a sativa, with medium height, thin leaves, and lots of branches. It's heat resistant.

Aroma and Flavor

Ace Seeds' Standard Lebanese strain carries floral, sweet, and fruity mango nuances, all topped off with the special, tempting perfume of hashish resin.


The influence of Ace Seeds' Standard Lebanese is due to its THC content of 8%. A very mild concentration that provides subtle sensations of happiness and enlightenment.


Its yield is medium to high in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Indoor Flowering

Completes flowering in 63 - 77 days, following the appropriate growth phase.

Outdoor Flowering

The harvest is typically completed by late September/early October in the Northern Hemisphere and late March/early April in the Southern Hemisphere.

Sativa/Indica Percentage

100% sativa


  • THC 8%

La Huerta's Opinion

The Standard Lebanese strain by Ace Seeds stands out for its remarkable landrace qualities, such as its resistance to pests and harsh weather conditions.

We can recommend this strain to any grower, particularly indoor growers with ample space, outdoor growers, guerrilla style outdoor growers and those who adore resins, as well as concentrates and extracts.

We suggest not using flowering stimulators to avoid pressuring possible hermaphroditic tendencies at the end of the flowering phase.

To maintain a mother plant indoors, it's best to use 20/4h light cycles as it is a semi-automatic plant.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Regular seeds
Indica sativa percentage
100% Sativa
Flowering time
Long Flowering (+65 days)
Soft effect
Flowery flavour
Hash/Resin flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Landrace strain
Other characteristics
Ideal for extracts

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