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Monkey Grease from Kannabia Seeds is the result of the union of two genetics to obtain its own version. From the combination of Monkey Grease with White Widow, a feminized hybrid with a 50% sativa - 50% indica genetic makeup is born, capable of completing its flowering phase in just 55 days. Extremely fast!

It is a plant with a medium to tall growth profile, capable of reaching up to 120cm in indoor crops. In outdoor plantations, yields of up to 750g per plant can be expected.

An excellent strain to start in the world of cultivation, due to its resistance to humidity and pests, which requires few care to access good harvests of sweet and spicy flowers. In addition, it has a potent 20% THC content.

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Type and genetics

Monkey Grease seeds from Kannabia Seeds come from a cross between two high-quality genetics to obtain their own brand.

In this way, from the combination of Monkey Grease and White Widow, the jewel of the crown of Dutch coffee shops in the 90s, a feminized hybrid with matched genetics 50% sativa - 50% indica grows, with qualities that will make the lives of experienced growers easier and will serve as a testing ground for novice growers.

Although it is a hybrid with matched genetics, the plant leans more towards the indica side in its development, showing strong and abundant branches, especially lower ones, and large flowers covered with a thick layer of fragrant resin.


The growth profile of Monkey Grease from Kannabia Seeds is medium to high, resulting in strains suitable for cultivation in any system, considering that they will likely stretch at the beginning of the flowering phase.

  • In indoor crops, the plant can reach heights of 100 - 120cm
  • In outdoor plantations, it is possible for it to grow up to 120 - 200cm

Aroma and flavor

One of the most attractive aspects of this strain, apart from the low care it requires, is its natural essence, capable of captivating even the most heartless cultivator.

The olfactory sensations developed by these flowers move along sweet and fruity paths.

The inhalation presents premium quality, thick and heavy smoke. It carries sugary flavors, with hints of nuts and cinnamon in the aftertaste.


Monkey Grease from Kannabia Seeds has a THC concentration of 20%. More potent than other plants in their catalog, but still within an acceptable range for most experienced growers. It has been described by different growers as an essentially relaxing variety, with its influence noticeable within a few seconds of the first puff.

The brain receives a stimulus that guides it through a notably relaxed state, far from the accumulated burdens, problems, and concerns of everyday life. In return, it is rewarded with good humor and a smile, making the laughter muscle work at a good pace.

The physical body experiences a slow but inexorable relaxation, gradually making the grower rest on the nearest couch. It is possible that appetite will become voracious in the final phase, so it is advisable to have some type of salty or sweet snack on hand, according to preference.


Monkey Grease from Kannabia Seeds is capable of providing generous harvests to the grower who provides it with the few care it needs.

  • In indoor crops, harvests of up to 600g/m2 can be expected
  • In outdoor plantations, the strain can produce 750g per plant.

Indoor flowering

Only 55 days of flowering will be necessary to achieve a satisfactory harvest.

Outdoor flowering

In outdoor plantations, the scissors can be taken out at the end of September.

Sativa/indica ratio

50% sativa - 50% indica


  • THC 20%
  • CBD >0.5%

La Huerta's opinion

Monkey Grease from Kannabia Seeds is a strain with great production that does not require extensive care or knowledge to offer more than a decent harvest.

It can be recommended to any type of grower, especially to outdoor growers who improve their guerrilla techniques and to inexperienced growers who want a strain they will surely succeed with.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Feminized seeds
Indica sativa percentage
50% S-I Hybrid (balanced)
Flowering time
Average Flowering (55-65 days)
Strong effect
Nut flavor
Spiced flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Cookies strain
Gorilla glue strain
Other characteristics
Easy to grow
Humidity resistant

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