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The quality of water we use to water our cannabis plants is crucial for achieving a high yield.
To ensure the quality of the water, it's essential to measure and adjust its pH to an appropriate level and to use enzymes to prevent blockages caused by excessive salts usually found in tap water that accumulate in the substrate.

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This pH control and enzyme kit provides everything you need to manage and correct the water pH level of your irrigation water, while also preventing damage from excessive salts accumulated in the substrate.


The kit includes:

  • KIT TEST PH. This is a simple way to measure the pH of your irrigation water. Simply fill the beaker halfway, add a couple of drops from the test tube, and compare the color to the chart provided by the manufacturer.
  • BIONOVA PH DOWN 1L. Standard tap water usually has a very high pH. You can easily achieve the desired pH level by adding a few drops of pH down. If you're using fertilizer, dilute it in water first, then measure the pH.
  • ATAZYME 1L. These are enzymes from the Atami brand. The enzymes facilitate the absorption of nutrients, breakdown dead roots and inert matter in the substrate making it easier for the plant to assimilate, and prevent over-fertilization and salt buildup in the substrate.
  • PIPETA 3 ML. This is a pipette for measurement.

La Huerta's Opinion

Remember that if you're growing in soil, the pH should be 6.5, for coco or hydro it should be 5.5.

Please keep in mind that if the tap water is hard, the installation of a reverse osmosis filter will be necessary to obtain high-quality water.

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