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The Purple Lemonade Auto seeds from Fast Buds are the result of the combination of the original Purple Lemonade genetics with a Ruderalis, which provides its fast growth profile. As a result, an autoflowering hybrid with a predominant indica nature is obtained. The increased speed of this strain allows it to go from seed to harvest-ready plant in just 63-70 days.

The strain has a medium to tall growth profile, reaching average heights of 80-130m. In indoor cultivations, yields of around 450-550g/m2 can be expected.

A fast, efficient, and resistant strain that showcases flavors from its parent lineage, including sugary, acidic, and citrusy notes. It has a 25.5% THC content and can exhibit blue and purple colors towards the end of flowering, depending on the phenotype.

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Type and genetics

The Purple Lemonade Auto seeds from Fast Buds are the result of meticulous selection by the breeders of this prestigious seed bank. The mix of the original Purple Lemonade genetics with a specially chosen Ruderalis for its fast growth speed results in an autoflowering hybrid with a predominant indica nature that brings together the best features of its parent line, offering an organoleptic profile of exquisite flavor and aroma, as well as being highly productive.

Its appearance is that of a model indica, with strong lower branches, a tightly-knit Christmas tree-like structure, wide fan-shaped leaves, and formidable buds overflowing with sweet and aromatic resin.


The Purple Lemonade Auto from Fast Buds is a plant of medium to tall size, compared to other genetics of the same type. It is suitable for all types of cultivation systems, in different latitudes, which makes its adaptability to the environment one of its most interesting virtues.

  • The strain can reach approximately 80-130cm

Aroma and flavor

Purple Lemonade Auto from Fast Buds develops an aromatic potential that stands out above the other strains in the grow room. Its flowers release their essence into the air at the slightest touch, resulting in olfactory sensations that convey sweetness, fruitiness, and freshness.

The smoke is fresh and dense, slowly rising in the room. The inhalation brings citrus, sweet, and fruity flavors that are rounded out by a powerful bittersweet sensation, like freshly squeezed lemonade.


The Purple Lemonade Auto from Fast Buds contains a THC percentage of 25.5%. A high concentration that sensitive cultivators must be cautious with.

The sensations this strain offers are intense and can be perceived within seconds of the first inhalation. It gives an authentic injection of positive energy to the nervous system, activating the endocannabinoid system without causing paranoia.

The physical body releases accumulated tensions and surrenders to a restorative rest, far from stress, worries, and bodily pain.


The Purple Lemonade Auto from Fast Buds can provide very generous results considering its characteristics.

  • In indoor crops, the plant can yield up to 450-550g/m2
  • In outdoor plantations, results can range from 50-300g per plant.

Flowering (full life cycle)

The Purple Lemonade Auto from Fast Buds completes its life cycle in just 63-70 days.

Sativa/Indica percentage

30% sativa - 70% indica


  • THC 25.5%

La Huerta's opinion

Purple Lemonade Auto from Fast Buds is a very adaptable and flavorful strain with a good THC percentage.

It is recommended for all types of growers, especially indoor cultivators who will benefit from its fast growth speed, perhaps to achieve multiple harvests per year. Also suitable for balcony or terrace urban cultivators or guerrilla growers, who can take advantage of its speed in dealing with insect pests, for instance.

Even for growers who appreciate colorful cannabis, as the visual spectacle of a purple and mauve phenotype is worth admiring.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Autoflowering seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More indica (relaxing)
Flowering time
Fast Flowering (45-55 days)
Strong effect
Citric flavour
Lemon flavour
Sweet/candy flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Other characteristics
Easy to grow

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