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The Royal Medic seeds of Royal Queen Seeds, offer a genetics of therapeutic orientation, with an equal percentage CBD - THC (1:1) By mixing the legendary Critical and the magnificent Juanita La Lagrimosa, this sativa dominant hybrid arises, which takes about 63 - 70 days of flowering to complete its cycle.

It is a medium-sized plant, reaching an average height of 80-150cm. In indoor cultivation, this plant can offer harvests of around 500 - 550g/m2.

Because of its low THC content of 10%, its psychotropic effects are rather inappreciable. However, the relaxing effects of CBD are clearly perceived, while savoring its sweet, fruity, citric, minty and woody taste.

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Type and genetics

The genetics of the Royal Medic seeds of Royal Queen Seeds is the result of the selection of phenotypes rich in CBD the well-known Anita la Lagrimosa with one of the most famous varieties of the catalog of this bank, the Critical. The resulting plant is a sativa-dominant hybrid with all the physical and organoleptic characteristics of its skunk parents.

The plant, in spite of its sativa predominance, develops almost like an indica, with thick lateral branches, wide fan-shaped leaves and abundant production of pyramidal flowers covered with sweet and aromatic resin.


This bush has a compact development, with medium heights. The plant responds well to the available space, being able to apply all kinds of cultivation techniques that the grower considers appropriate.

  • In indoor crops can reach up to 80 - 120cm.
  • In outdoor plantations can be stretched up to 120 - 150cm.

Aroma and flavor

The Royal Medic of Royal Queen Seeds, has one of its greatest advantages in the organoleptic qualities of its genetics, very tasty. This quality is identified when one perceives the earthy and fruity breeze emanating from the flowers.

Its flavor is round and clear, developing easily identifiable taste of sweet lemon, forest floor in autumn, fresh ocote and menthol, closing a combination that will delight any expert grower.


The balance of cannabinoids 1:1 to 10% is fantastic for growers looking for an approach to the plant without including too strong sensations.

This absence of such deep impressions is also suitable for medical growers who wish to obtain the beneficial effects of these CBD-rich strains without having to deal with overly aggressive psychoactivity.


The harvest that can be expected from Royal Queen Seeds' Royal Medic is generous and fruitful, given its Critical parent, a high-yielding strain.

  • In indoor crops, yields of around 500 - 550g/m2
  • can be achieved.
  • In outdoor plantations, a yield of 425 - 525 grams per plant can be expected.

Flowering in indoor crops

Royal Queen Seeds Royal Medic will need about 63 - 70 days to complete its flowering cycle .

Flowering in outdoor crops

In outdoor plantations, harvest may be delayed until the beginning of October .

Percentage sativa/indica

75% sativa - 25% indica


  • THC 10%
  • CBD 10%

Concentration 1:1

La Huerta's opinion

Royal Medic from Royal Queen Seeds is a strain developed from true luxury genetics, with excellent productivity, giant flavor and cannabinoid concentration adjusted to 1:1.

It is recommended to all types of growers, especially to those growers who flee from too high concentrations of psychoactives and want a soft strain to enjoy it all day long. Also to medicinal self-cultivators who wish to continue their therapy, always and exclusively recommended by an authorized medical authority.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Feminized seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More sativa (stimulating)
Flowering time
Average Flowering (55-65 days)
Soft effect
Citric flavour
Earthy flavour
Lemon flavour
Mint flavor
Pine Flavor
Sweet/fruity flavour
Skunk - Critical strain
Other characteristics
Easy to grow
Ideal for extracts
Medicinal marihuana

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