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Fabric pots are containers made from fabric or other porous materials designed for plant growing. These pots offer a flexible and more breathable alternative compared to traditional plastic or ceramic pots.

The Smart Pot is the original brand from the USA noted for its design and benefits for healthy plant growth. As it's become known, it has gained popularity among amateur and professional gardeners because of its features and advantages over traditional pots.


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Smart Pot planters have become a popular choice for gardeners looking for a breathable and efficient alternative for plant cultivation. They offer specific benefits for the healthy growth of roots and preventing risks associated with water logging in the growing medium.


  • Root aeration: The porous material allows for free airflow through the planting substrate and the roots, promoting healthier growth.
  • Efficient drainage: The permeable material prevents water stagnation, reducing the risk of root rot.
  • Water logging prevention: The permeable design and materials allow excess water to evaporate, maintaining a proper moisture balance in the substrate.
  • Less plant stress: The design of the planters prevents the roots from tangling or growing in spirals, which lessens plant stress and promotes uniform growth.


  • Improved root growth: Proper aeration and efficient draining in fabric pots can lead to healthier and more vigorous root growth, thereby improving the overall growth of the plant.
  • Reduced risk of diseases: They can lower the risk of root diseases caused by excessive moisture.
  • Less plant stress: Improved aeration and the absence of spiral roots can decrease plant stress and allow better absorption of nutrients and water.
  • Facilitates root pruning: In some cases, fabric pots allow roots to grow through the pot walls, which facilitates trimming and maintaining roots.
  • Portability and storage: Due to their lightness and flexibility, these pots are ideal for gardening in small spaces, balconies, or even indoors. Plus, they're easy to store when not in use, and can be washed in cold water.


There are many models with different capacities, choose the ones that best suit your growing needs:

  • 3.8 Liters (1 Gal) (Base: 17.78 cm - Height: 15.24 cm)
  • 7.6 Liters (2 Gal) (Base: 20.32 cm - Height: 17.78 cm)
  • 11.6 Liters (3 Gal) (Base: 25.4 cm - Height: 19.05 cm)
  • 15.1 Liters (4 Gal) (Base: 30.48 cm - Height: 19.05 cm)
  • 19.3 Liters (5 Gal) (Base: 30.48 cm - Height: 24.13 cm)
  • 26 Liters (7 Gal) (Base: 35.56 cm - Height: 24.13 cm)
  • 41 Liters (10 Gal) (Base: 45.72 cm - Height: 34.29 cm)
  • 57 Liters (15 Gal) (Base: 45.72 cm - Height: 34.29 cm)
  • 57 Liters (15 Gal) (Base: 45.72 cm - Height: 34.29 cm) With Handles
  • 76 Liters (20 Gal) (Base: 50.8 cm - Height: 39.97 cm)
  • 76 Liters (20 Gal) (Base: 50.8 cm - Height: 39.97 cm) With Handles
  • 93 Liters (25 Gal) (Base: 53.34 cm - Height: 39.97 cm)
  • 122 Liters (30 Gal) (Base: 60.96 cm - Height: 39.37 cm)
  • 170 Liters (45 Gal) (Base: 68.58 cm - Height: 45.72 cm)
  • 190 Liters (50 Gal) (Base: 90 cm Height: 30 cm). Urban garden 0.65 m2 of cultivable surface.
  • 237 Liters (65 Gal) (Base: 81.28 cm - Height: 45.72 cm)
  • 371 Liters (100 Gal) (Base: 96.52 cm - Height: 50.8 cm)
  • 1113 Liters (300 Gal) (Base: 152.40 cm - Height: 60.96 cm)

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Without a doubt, these planters are our favorites; the pots of the present and the immediate future.

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