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This greenhouse is an essential tool for those wishing to secure successful seed germination and cutting rooting. Its intuitive design, combined with the ability to create a moist and controlled environment, lays the foundation for healthy and vigorous plant growth from the earliest stages. With this tool, gardening enthusiasts can enjoy higher success rates and a more rewarding growing process in their quest to create lush and leafy gardens.


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In the world of gardening and agriculture, creating a conducive environment is essential for the successful cultivation of plants from their earliest stage. To achieve this, a key tool is the greenhouse. This genius device has become indispensable for gardening enthusiasts, allowing them to germinate seeds and root cuttings in a controlled and favorable environment.


  1. Optimizing Germination: Seeds require specific conditions to successfully germinate. The propagating greenhouse provides this ideal environment by maintaining a constant temperature and controlled humidity levels, greatly enhancing germination rates.
  2. Successful Rooting: Cuttings are vulnerable in their early stages. The transparent top of the greenhouse retains moisture around the cuttings, allowing them to develop strong roots without worry of moisture loss from evaporation.
  3. Protection From External Elements: Propagation greenhouses act as a protective shield against external factors like wind, cold and insects. This creates an ideal microclimate for early plant growth.
  4. Control and Observation: The transparent lid not only retains moisture, but also allows gardeners to monitor the progress of the seeds and cuttings without disturbing the internal environment.


Made from soft plastic, very lightweight. Transparent lid with openings, to release excess humidity.

  • External dimensions: 58x37x19cm.
  • Tray interior dimensions: 53x30.5cm.

La Huerta's Opinion:

When the inside of the greenhouse is showing full of water droplets this means that there is 100% humidity. To prevent these drops from falling on the small seedlings and potentially harming them, open and close the lid's openings to remove this excess.

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