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Dutch Passion's THC Victory seeds contain a balanced percentage of THCV, a recently discovered cannabinoid. Through a mix of research genetics that are kept secret, a feminized sativa-dominant hybrid is obtained , which can be ready for harvesting after 77 days of flowering.

The plant has a medium height and can reach 80-120cm. In indoor cultivation, yields of up to 400 - 500g/m2 can be obtained.

A very interesting strain for its THCV production (8%), in a 1:1 ratio with respect to the 8% THC concentration , which makes it a strain with a very mild effect. In addition, it has a delicious citrus and fruity taste.

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Type and genetics

The THC Victory seeds of Dutch Passion are the fruit of a research which has lasted years on the part of the expert breeders of this prestigious bank. Its genetics, kept in the vault of its headquarters in Amsterdam, allows to obtain a feminized hybrid of sativa predominance, which achieves the goal of generating an equal proportion of THC - THCV to 8%.

The genetics is sativa so it develops as such, with fine and light ramifications, fragrant flowers distributed in clusters, open structure and great passion for the light.


The growth profile of Dutch Passion's THC Victory is medium. However, it is recommended to indoor growers to take the necessary measures to control a possible explosive growth, by pruning, SCROG or Low Stress Training (LST).

  • In indoor crops, the strain can grow up to 80 - 120cm.
  • In outdoor plantations, this plant can stretch up to 200cm.

Aroma and taste

Dutch Passion's THC Victory reveals a discreet perfume in the grow room, where most of its citrus and fruity scent is trapped inside the flowers. However, it spills into the environment when passing through the flower buds, confirming the preceding olfactory sensations.

The smoke emerges light, with little permanence in the air, however, its aroma spreads rapidly throughout the room. The puff drags acidic and sugary flavors of sweet lemon, followed by dark earth of ancient forest at the end of mouth.


Dutch Passion's THC Victory has a balanced cannabinoid concentration of 1:1 THC - THCV. This guarantees a smooth effect and the setting up of the entourage effect with all its beneficial effects on the endocannabinoid system. The THCV is a cannabinoid of recent discovery.

It is a molecule that offsets the psychoactive effect of THC and blocks the CB1 receptors, preventing the sensation of appetite and accelerating the metabolism, which would imply a collaboration in weight loss.

Scientific studies will still take time to find more uses for this cannabinoid, however, its effects are more than proven in the indicated areas. Besides, apart from the effects described, the flowers work in a sativa style, providing a spark of joy and good mood .


Dutch Passion's THC Victory is a very productive strain in a natural way and can increase its results if it receives the necessary care.

  • In indoor crops, this variety can offer 400 - 500g/m2 approx.
  • In outdoor plantations, it is possible to get harvests of up to 650g per plant.

Flowering in indoor crops

It will be necessary between 77 days of flowering to reach a harvest of ripe flowers.

Flowering in outdoor crops

In outdoor plantings, you can consider starting to harvest flowers at their peak in early October .

Percentage sativa/indica

Sativa dominant.


  • THC 7%
  • THCV 7%

La Huerta's opinion

Dutch Passion's THC Victory is an interesting strain with which to carry out cultivation experiments, very productive, with good taste and has a very novel cannabinoid.

It can be recommended to outdoor grow ers who can take advantage of its productive capacity. Also to therapeutic growers who want a soft strain with this specific cannabinoid component, in a balanced concentration. It could even be recommended to growers sensitive to THC or for daytime use, as it is a strain with a very mild effect.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Feminized seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More sativa (stimulating)
Flowering time
Long Flowering (+65 days)
Soft effect
Acid taste
Citric flavour
Lemon flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Other characteristics
Medicinal marihuana
Rich in THCV

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