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Bachumus Evolution Growth by Trabe is an organic fertilizer, suitable for cannabis plants grown in soil substrate.

Enriched with neem extract that shields the plants from insects, and with algaes that stimulate growth.

It's a 100% plant-based product, compatible with vegan cultivation.

With Bachumus Evolution, plants grow strongly and vigorously


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Type and Use

Bachumus Evolution Growth from Trabe is a comprehensive organic fertilizer for cannabis plants in soil.

Benefits to the Plant

  • It contains all the necessary macro and micronutrients for the plant during the growth phase.
  • It has been fortified with seaweeds that contain plant hormones cytokinin and gibberellin which stimulate growth.
  • Neem extract offering protection for the plant against insects and pathogenic fungi.
  • Bachumus Evolution Growth features humic and fulvic acids that stimulate root absorption.
  • The plants grow with great energy, highly branched due to the action of phytohormones, and with lots of green shoots.

How to Use and Dosage

  • When watering: add 4 ml of Bachumus Evolution Growth for every liter of water, use once a week, throughout the growth phase.
  • Foliar applications: 4ml of Bachumus Evolution Growth for each liter of water. Perform the first application when the first 4-5 leaves appear. Repeat every 15-20 days.


NPK  5-1-5 (Nitrogen 5%, Phosphorus 1%, Potassium 5%)

Total organic matter 36.43%, total organic nitrogen 5.02%, potassium (K2O) 5.00%, phosphorus (P2O) 1.04%, carbon/nitrogen 13.60%, boron 1.22mg/kg, calcium 0.15%, copper 4.46mg/k, iron 0.007%, magnesium 1.04%, zinc 0.0002%.

Guaranteed riches: total humic extract (min) 25%, humic extracts 5.3%, fulvic acids 19.70%

La Huerta's Opinion

For optimal results use in combination with Mycoplant.

For the flowering phase switch to Bachumus Evolution Flowering from the same brand Trabe.

Not recommended for use in automatic irrigation systems, as it may clog the drippers due to its organic load.

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