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The Afghani 1 seeds of Sensi Seeds come from a discovery of the breeders of the Dutch bank in the deep heart of Afghanistan. From there, this landrace is imported with a strong indica predominance, feminized and with a short flowering time, between 45 - 55 days.

In indoor crops it is capable of generating up to 450g/m2, with outdoor heights of medium - high profile.

Traditionally cultivated to obtain resin, it has a THC percentage between 15 - 20%, with all the sweet, earthy, resin and spicy taste.

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Type and genetics

The Afghani 1 seeds of Sensi Seeds come from the mountainous center of Afghanistan, where the plants have to face changing climates with extreme temperatures. Thanks to this, it is a plant of indica predominance with unique characteristics, such as its resistance to climatic agents or insect pests.

Being an endemic species, it has not yet been crossed with other varieties, so it offers the profile of a powerful, compact, short and robust indica. The silhouette of the plant is that corresponding to an indica, with reduced internodal spaces waiting to be filled by thick flowers loaded with resin, especially in this case, cultivated since time immemorial to obtain resin.


The Afghani 1 of Sensi Seeds is a plant of medium - high profile. It is recommended to grow in any growing system chosen, such as substrate, coconut fiber, rockwool, hydroponics, aeroponics, etc..

  • The strain can reach heights of 100 - 200cm on average.

It is a plant with great resistance to temperature changes and insect invasions, however, the humidity of the growing environment must be monitored to avoid fungal infections in very compact flowers.

Aroma and flavor

The fragrance of the Afghani 1 of Sensi Seeds is reminiscent of its wild and rocky environment, with an earthy scent predominating on the tight buds like stones.

The puff conveys a fruity impression of black earth stirred with the hands along with spicy touches characteristic of Afghan families, which joins the deep breath of resin flowing everywhere, with an absolutely white and dense exhalation.


The sensations transmitted by this strain with 10 - 25% of THC are intense and powerful in the body sense. Its influence is felt in short moments after the first puff, triggering a cascade of relaxing evocations.

The grower should be forewarned, because it can be chained to the nearest couch for the rest of the trip. Given the powerful narcotic impression of this strain, medicinal applications arise against insomnia, stress, anxiety, chronic pain or anorexia. Any person interested in following this type of therapies, should make the approach only under medical advice, in a unique and exclusive way.


The harvest that can be expected from the Afghani 1 of Sensi Seeds, can exceed the forecasts of the prudent grower.

  • In indoor crops, yields of around 450g/m2 are possible.
  • In outdoor plantations, huge harvests of around 1000g per plant can be achieved.

The resinous and aromatic buds of the plant are perfect for extractions and concentrates.

Flowering in indoor crops

The Afghani 1 will need between 45 - 55 days of flowering to enjoy large and mature flowers.

Flowering in outdoor crops

In outdoor plantations it is possible to start harvesting at the end of September .

Percentage sativa/indica

5% sativa - 95% indica


  • THC 10 - 25%.

La Huerta's opinion

The Afghani 1 of Sensi Seeds is a hard and powerful plant, able to resist any instances of bad weather and temperature changes. Very productive and psychoactive, it can be ideal for resin collection, extractions and concentrates.

It is recommended to all kind of growers, especially for outdoor growers with knowledge to enhance the final result and novice growers who want to get a very resistant plant that works well with little care.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Feminized seeds
Indica sativa percentage
100% Indica
Flowering time
Fast Flowering (45-55 days)
Strong effect
Earthy flavour
Hash/Resin flavour
Spiced flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Landrace strain
Other characteristics
Easy to grow
Ideal for extracts

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