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B’cuzz Root Stimulator is a bio-mineral root stimulant for use in all cannabis plant cultivation systems. Root Stimulator increases root mass. With this product, the roots grow healthy and strong, colonizing the entire substrate. It improves nutrient absorption and protects against attacks from external root pathogens.


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Type and Use

A bio-mineral root stimulator to be used during the growth phase and the first week of flowering in soil substrates, open cycle hydroponics, and coco.

Plant Benefits

  • Significantly develops the root mass.
  • Protects against attacks from Pithyum, Fusarium, and root aphids.
  • Improves root absorption
  • Boosts the growth and vigor of the plant.

Directions for Use and Dosage

For the first two weeks, mix 0.5-1 ml of Root Stimulator per liter of water.

From the third week of growth through the first week of flowering, mix 0.1-0.5 ml of Root Stimulator per liter of water. Apply when watering.


Potassium 1.37%, Sodium 4.88%, Magnesium 0.28%, Sulfur 0.27%, Iron 0.047%, Zinc 0.001%, Boron 0.007%, Nitrate Nitrogen <0.10%, Phosphorus <0.01%, Potassium 0.01%, Magnesium <0.01%, Lead <0.005%, Cadmium <0.00001%, Chrome <0.005%, Ammonium Nitrogen 0.09%, Copper <0.005%, Nickel <0.005%, Mercurial Silver <0.00001%, Zinc <0.005%, Salinity 0.08%, Dry Matter 0.15%.

Ash 0.00%, Organic Matter 0.44%, Sulfate <0.1%, Arsenic <0.0001%

La Huerta's Opinion

Root Stimulator is a root booster, it should be used with a complete growth fertilizer, within the B'cuzz product line :

Coco Nutrition A and B for growths in coco substrate.

Soil Nutrition or B’Cuzz 1 Component for growths in soil substrates.

Hydro Nutrition for growths in open hydroponic substrates, without nutrient water recirculation.

Data sheet

Type of composition
Growth stage
Type of stimulant or additive
Root stimulant
Type of grow
Aeroponic grow
Coco grow
Hydroponic grow
Soil grow

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