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Banana Purple Punch Auto seeds from Fast Buds result from the combination of genetics such as Strawberry Banana (probably) and Purple Punch (probably), together with a specially selected Ruderalis. The result is an autoflowering hybrid with a predominance of indica, capable of going from germination to a mature plant in just 56 days.

The growth profile of this strain is medium, reaching a height of up to 120cm. In indoor crops, yields of up to 550g/m2 can be obtained.

A strain with impressive dark and purple colors, which surprises with its intense sweet and fruity flavor. It also has a powerful THC content of 26%.

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Type and genetics

Banana Purple Punch Auto from Fast Buds are the result of the efforts of the breeders of this bank to obtain a strain with maximum flavor and all possible potency.

Although the bank guards the information about the genetics of the plant closely, our sources have managed to identify Strawberry Banana (probably) in conjunction with Purple Punch (probably), which, combined with a Ruderalis, give rise to this autoflowering hybrid with a predominance of indica, with all the characteristics of indica plants and intense purple phenotypes.

An incredible visual spectacle. The morphology of this strain stands out for its strong lower branches, useful for supporting its powerful pyramid-shaped flowers, bathed in white and aromatic resin.


The growth profile of Banana Purple Punch Auto from Fast Buds is medium. It's suitable for cultivation both indoors and outdoors and using any system, such as substrate, coconut fiber, hydroponics, etc.

  • The strain can reach an average height of 70-120 cm.

Aroma and taste

One of the most appreciated aspects of Banana Purple Punch Auto from Fast Buds is its terpene profile, which provides the flavors that growers seek.

The scent emitted by the flowers of this variety is noticeable and easily recognizable. It floats in the grow room above other strains, instantly identifying itself.

The drag delivers an intense flavor of banana and tropical fruits, inherited from its parents, which puts us in a tropical paradise with sea and beach.


Banana Purple Punch Auto from Fast Buds has a potent THC content of 26%. Although it can be manageable for most experienced growers, it is advisable to exercise caution for growers sensitive to the cannabinoid molecule.

The influence is perceived seconds after trying it, assimilating an intense state of relaxation that lasts for a moment, to give way to a feeling of lightness, capable of inspiring artistic activities and the creation of ideas. The strain can provide hours of enjoyment and conversation, while also providing hilarity and stimulating wit.

Some sources point to the progression of the influence of this plant, which could escalate over time, enhancing its sedative effect. The grower may want to have a soft seat nearby.


Banana Purple Punch Auto from Fast Buds is a strain with good production capacity, which could lead growers to perform certain cultivation techniques to maximize results.

  • In indoor crops, the strain can offer up to 450-550g/m2.
  • In outdoor plantations, the plant could provide a harvest of around 60-200g per plant.

Flowering (full life cycle)

It will only take 56 days for the strain to go from seed to mature plant ready for harvest.

Sativa/indica ratio

25% sativa - 75% indica


  • THC 26%

La Huerta's opinion

Banana Purple Punch Auto from Fast Buds is a strain with a giant productivity compared to other auto plants. It has a fantastic flavor and the range of colors that its phenotypes have is exciting and attractive.

It can be recommended to all types of growers, especially indoor growers who want to get hold of a curious strain.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Autoflowering seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More indica (relaxing)
Flowering time
Fast Flowering (45-55 days)
Potent effect
Banana flavour
Dessert flavour
Sweet/candy flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Tropical flavour
Diesel strain
Lilac/purple strain
Skunk - Critical strain
Other characteristics
Award winning prize
Easy to grow

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