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The CBD Caramel Regular cannabis strain by Barney's Farm mixes exotic strains with a plant rich in CBD. The combination of the terpene load of Brazilian, Afghani and Nepalese genetics with a clone that provides its high concentration of Cannabidiol results in a medicinal plant with a similar concentration of THC and CBD that is suitable for therapeutic and recreational cannabis users.

Seeds per pack

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Type and genetics

Regular cannabis seeds CBD Caramel by Barney's Farm are the result of crossing genetics from Brazil, the Himalayas and Afghanistan with a strain rich in CBD to obtain a plant with high content of Cannabidiol, fast and high yielding.


CBD Caramel grows very fast and vigorous. CBD Caramel is a strain that's adapted to outdoor grows in humid climates that is harvested quickly, but it develops very well indoors in any type of substrate, soil, coco and hydroponics where it excels for its high yields.

Aroma and taste

The genetic complexity of this strain is reflected in its terpene profile in which sweet and spicy flavors with floral and spicy notes. To preserve its appreciated flavor, cultivate it with biological or bio-mineral fertilizers.


Caramel CBD has a terpene profile and a concentration of cannabinoids that produces a mild effect without mental confusion, ideal for therapeutic use and for recreational users looking for a strain that allows them to stay functional during the day and takes away the cravings.


CBD Caramel is a great producer that blooms with big buds of sativa aspect and full of resin. Indoors it produces between 500 and 550 grams per square meter and outdoors up to 450 grams per plant grown in soil or in large pots.

Flowering indoors

Under artificial light, this strain develops quickly and can be switched to flowering in a few weeks. It completes flowering in 50-60 days, after the pertinent vegetative phase. It adapts very well to the sea of green technique.

Flowering outdoors

Outdoors or in greenhouses it has a medium height and is harvested in mid/late September in the northern hemisphere and in mid/late March in the southern hemisphere.

You can increase the yield of CBD Caramel with a healthy and well developed root system, we recommend using textile pots.

Sativa/Indica Percentage

30% sativa / 70% indica


Ratio THC:CBD 1:1.

THC 10%.

CBD 10%.

La Huerta's opinion

CBD Caramel by Barney's Farm is an easy to grow plant that's considered medicinal. This strain is available only in regular version, that is to say that the male plants must be eliminated so that the females do not pollinate. To get the best yield it is recommended to grow CBD Caramel with fertilizers from the Top Crop Master Pack, which is very effective and easy to use.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
CBD Seeds
Regular seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More indica (relaxing)
Flowering time
Average Flowering (55-65 days)
Soft effect
Flowery flavour
Spiced flavour
Spicy flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Other characteristics
Easy to grow
Medicinal marihuana

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