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Barney's Farm's Moby Dick feminized marijuana strain is currently the best version on the market of this classic, multi-award winning strain .

A plant highly sought after by experienced and inexperienced growers alike for its abundant harvests of delicious pine and Haze flavor, an old school classic that never goes out of style.

Among its excellent qualities are its strong, active, happy and long-lasting effect with a relaxing finish and a monstrous production .

Seeds per pack

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Moby Dick from Barney's Farm is a variety that exudes quality on all four sides, a must that certainly every grower should try at least once.

Type and genetics

Moby Dick feminized marijuana seeds from Barney's Farm bring together two all-time classics: White Widow and Haze to get a powerful and productive plant.

A cross where the Haze genetics brings its effect and sativa structure while the Widow parental brings its great resin production and its big and fat buds.


Moby Dick has a vigorous growth and is a very branched plant that needs space to develop in height and width . It adapts very well to all types of cultivation, and to all substrates, developing a hybrid structure with a medium distance between nodes that stretch when entering in bloom.

Suitable for outdoor cultivation in warm and temperate climates. The only aspect that growers should take into account is to make a good calculation of space, because indoors, if you do not calculate well the unbridled growth of this beast, it could give problems in this regard.

Aroma and taste

The intense aroma of incense and pine of Moby Dick is already a classic among the organoleptic palette of the Cantabrian market, its flavor also to pine and Haze culminates with spaced notes and vanilla .

If you want to obtain the best quality in this sense it is advisable to cultivate this jewel with organic fertilizers.


Moby Dick produces the classic euphoric and mental effect that has already become a well-known characteristic of this variety . Its high THC levels, around 27%, provide a strong psychoactivity that manifests itself in an energizing and happy feeling that after a while turns into a very pleasant relaxation.

Ideal for creative, playful or recreational activities and to stimulate the appetite.


Its large production is the most significant feature of the killer whale and what has made, year after year, this variety remains a best seller. Moby Dick produces large dense buds loaded with resin witha large central cola surrounded by smaller buds, but of equal quality.

Indoors you can easily obtain 700 g per square meter and outdoors you can get between 1.5 and 2kg per plant grown in soil or in large pots.

Flowering in indoor cultivation

Moby Dick completes its flowering in indoor crops in about 9-10 weeks after the corresponding vegetative phase. A short vegetative phase is recommended if starting from cuttings, because, as mentioned above, it reaches sizes well above average. Thanks to its prominent cola, it is an ideal strain for the SOG technique.

It adapts well to SCROG or LST bending techniques .

Flowering in outdoor crops

In outdoor crops, Moby Dick will be ready to harvest during the second half of October in the northern hemisphere and in the second half of April in the southern hemisphere, reaching an average height of between 2.5 and 3.5m if grown under the right conditions.

Its great lateral branching allows a great production, therefore, the use of a circular trellis is recommended.

Percentage Sativa/Indica

75% sativa / 25% indica.


  • THC: 27% CBD
  • : 1%.

La Huerta's opinion

Moby Dick from Barney's Farm is a very productive variety designed for those users looking to fill their pantry with high quality flowers that produce a high-flying effect.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Feminized seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More sativa (stimulating)
Flowering time
Long Flowering (+65 days)
Strong effect
Earthy flavour
Incensed/Haze flavour
Pine Flavor
Spiced flavour
Vanilla flavour
Haze strain
White strain
Other characteristics
High yield
Ideal for extracts

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