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The Forbidden Runtz Auto seeds from Fast Buds adapt the original Runtz genetics to a wider audience and enhance the terpene profile with the introduction of new genetics. Through a backcrossing of Forbidden Fruit, Runtz, and Ruderalis, an autoflowering hybrid with a predominately indica genetic makeup is achieved, going from seed to mature plant in just 63 days.

It is a plant with a medium-tall growth profile, reaching an average height of 90-130cm. In indoor cultivation, it can yield around 450-550g/m2.

A novel variety with the best the market has to offer in recent years, with a pleasant sweet, fruity, earthy, and caramelized flavor. It has a THC percentage of 26%.

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Type and genetics

The Forbidden Runtz Auto seeds from Fast Buds are the result of an exceptional backcrossing to achieve the best Forbidden Fruit (Cherry Pie x Tangie), combined with a highly productive Runtz, and topped off with a Ruderalis. The result is an autoflowering strain with a predominantly indica genetic makeup, adapting one of the most well-known genetics of recent years into a fast format while retaining all its organoleptic qualities and improving them through the addition of a new family.

The indica dominance is evident in the plant's development, using its heritage to grow in the familiar way, with good lower branching culminating in thick buds, so heavy that the branches may need some form of support to hold such a volume of plant matter and sweet, sticky resin.


The growth profile of the Forbidden Runtz Auto from Fast Buds is medium to tall. It can be cultivated using any type of development system, whether it be soil, coco coir, rock wool, hydroponic, aeroponic, etc.

  • The plant can stretch between 90-130cm on average.

Aroma and flavor

The fragrant aroma emitted by the flowers of the Forbidden Runtz Auto from Fast Buds is sweet and intoxicating, lingering in the air with a persistent essence. These buds deliver sweet and fruity sensations to the explorer cultivator's nose like a bolt of lightning.

The smoke is dense, almost palpable, and carries an exhalation of sugary flavor, freshly cut ripe fruit, and freshly turned black soil – a display that helps understand why this strain has earned a place among the best in its catalog.


The Forbidden Runtz Auto from Fast Buds contains a THC percentage of 26%. A very high percentage, especially for the production of a small autoflowering plant. It can catch even the most experienced grower off guard and is definitely too high for a grower sensitive to the molecule, who may prefer a strain with a smoother effect, like Only CBD from Eva Seeds.

Its influence is first felt in the eyes and in the smile, causing a heavy body sensation and increasing the desire to socialize. The mind begins to float in a cloud of creativity, while the limbs are enveloped in a warm embrace of well-being.


The Forbidden Runtz Auto from Fast Buds is an easy-to-grow strain that offers giant yields. It is recommended for cultivation in any chosen system, whether it be soil, coco coir, rock wool, hydroponic, aeroponic, etc.

  • In indoor crops, yields of up to 450-550g/m2 can be achieved.
  • In outdoor plantations, a harvest of around 50-150g per plant is possible.

Flowering (complete life cycle)

The Forbidden Runtz Auto from Fast Buds takes approximately 63 days from seed to mature plant ready for harvest.

Sativa/Indica percentage

35% sativa - 65% indica


  • THC 26%

La Huerta's opinion

The Forbidden Runtz Auto from Fast Buds is a strain with a medium-tall growth profile that can offer succulent yields and has an unparalleled flavor that will satisfy even the most demanding palate.

It is recommended for any type of grower, especially indoor growers, where the plant thrives and produces the best results.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Autoflowering seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More indica (relaxing)
Flowering time
Fast Flowering (45-55 days)
Strong effect
Berry flavor
Earthy flavour
Sweet/candy flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Tropical flavour
Cookies strain
Diesel strain
Kush strain
Other characteristics
Easy to grow

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