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Hokkaido Japan Regular seeds from Ace Seeds produce a strain that grows wild on the northern island of Hokkaido, in Japan. An ancient landrace strain, its seed gives rise to a regular hybrid with equally matched 50 - 50 sativa/indica percentages that takes about 42 - 56 days of flowering to deliver its curious flowers.

A plant whose lineage has remained unchanged for centuries, providing a wild, floral and spicy bouquet. Its cannabinoid content yields a 5% THC, 10% CBD and 3% CBG, making it potentially interesting as a therapeutic-oriented strain.

As it's a regular strain, the result of germination can be male (hemp) or female (cannabis).

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Type and Genetics

Hokkaido Japan Regular seeds by ACE Seeds give rise to a second-generation landrace from the island of Hokkaido. Japan has a culture of over 2000 years of hemp use, primarily for textiles. Cannabis grew wild and unchecked by authorities on the island of Hokkaido until the cannabis ban after World War II. This led to the emergence of a regular hybrid with balanced 50 - 50 sativa/indica percentages, featuring unique characteristics that make this landrace a true rarity worth preserving biologically.

As a regular strain, the yield after germination can be either male (hemp) or female (cannabis).


Hokkaido Japan Standard grows vigorous in any type of substrate. It has an Indica structure with thick stems, medium-long internodal distance, and it's highly branched. The leaves are large and thick, dark in color. This is an easy-to-grow plant with great resistance to fungal diseases. Being a plant that grows wildly, it doesn't require many nutrients and will thrive with a medium-low dose of fertilizers.

It presents 3 distinct phenotypes distinguished by their cannabinoid content.

  • CBD 10%  THC 5.5% CBG 3%.
  • CBD 9-12%  THC 0.4-0.5% CBG 0.6-0.8%.
  • CBD 2%  THC 0.1% CBG 0.05 -0.1%.

Aroma and Taste

The drag reveals the spirit of a mountainous plant, with a harsh, wild, and floral taste, transmitting geranium sensations. It's finished off with mountain spices in the aftertaste, lavender, rosemary, thyme.


Hokkaido Japan Regular by Ace Seeds has a THC percentage of 5%. Its influence results in low-intensity effects, light relaxation, and hilarity in the most potent phenotype.

The phenotype with low THC content and high CBD and CBG has no psychoactivity, but retains all the therapeutic power of its high CBD percentage. This second phenotype is also useful for recreational consumers who want to reduce their THC tolerance without experiencing anxiety or cravings to smoke.


It flowers quickly with spiky buds that resemble sativa. The buds aren't very dense, which gives it higher resistance against fungi and humidity.

The breeders at ACE Seeds have done a great job to achieve a medium yield specimen indoors and outdoors.

Flowering Indoors

When grown under artificial lights, it finishes the flowering phase in 42 - 56 days, after a short growth phase.

Flowering Outdoors

When grown outdoors, it's ready to be harvested between late August and early September in the northern hemisphere, and between the end of February and early March in the southern hemisphere.

Sativa/indica Percentage

50% Sativa - 50 % Indica.


  • THC 0.6-1 %
  • CBD 2-12 %
  • CBG 0.05-3 %.

La Huerta's Opinion

Hokkaido Japan Standard by ACE Seeds is a strain of great interest for hybrids, as it has semi-autoflowering strain characteristics, which starts flowering under the sun very quickly after the summer solstice.

This strain is recommended to all types of growers, especially indoor growers, outdoor growers in both cold and rainy or warm climates, guerrilla growers, medical home growers, and growers fond of exotic landraces.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Regular seeds
Indica sativa percentage
50% S-I Hybrid (balanced)
Flowering time
Fast Flowering (45-55 days)
Soft effect
Flowery flavour
Spiced flavour
Landrace strain
Other characteristics
Easy to grow
Rica en CBD
Rich in CBG

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