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Super Malawi Haze seeds by Ace Seeds give rise to a feminized hybrid with a sativa predominance, resulting from the blend between Nevil's Haze and Malawi Killer.

This vigorously growing strain takes about 77-112 days of flowering to be ready for a bountiful harvest. With up to three distinct phenotypes, the plant maintains a medium stature and supplies silky, incense-like, floral, and woodsy flavors that make up its own very tasty Haze. It contains approximately 28% THC.

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Type and Genetics

Super Malawi Haze seeds by Ace Seeds are a product of cross-breeding the 80's Nevil's Haze with Malawi Killer. This results in a feminized hybrid with a sativa dominance, providing a unique terpene profile achieved through the combination of these special landrace genetics.


It grows vigorously, with a typical sativa structure, tall and branched.

Three phenotypes are distinguished

  • The phenotype leaning towards Nevil’s Haze: Tall plants, high yield, and denser buds. Recognized by the reddish/ocra color of the pistils. The flowering time is 85-90 days.
  • The phenotype leaning towards Malawi: It retains more African characteristics. In yield and bud density, it doesn't lag behind compared to the Nevil’s Haze phenotype. The taste has a stronger presence of oriental wood. Flowering is 85 days.
  • The phenotype leaning towards almost pure Haze, is the least common, approximately 10% of the plants. The aspect is of wild sativa, gaunt, and less productive and resinous than the previous ones. Flowering is longer 90-120 days.

Aroma and Taste

Super Malawi Haze by Ace Seeds is a strain that achieves a special Haze, where the wild exotic nature of the landraces that make up this genetic mix can still be appreciated. The silky sensations make up a haze with sweet notes, patchouli, floral symphonies, noble woods, and an autumn forest floor.


Super Malawi Haze by Ace Seeds is a strain containing 28% THC. It's no joke, its influence is powerful even for veteran growers. A powerful injection of positive energy that motivates physical activity, as well as introspection and deep reflection. Some growers warn of dry eyes and cotton mouth, so it may be necessary to keep a bottle of water handy.


The yield is very high indoors and outdoors.

Flowering Indoors

Super Malawi Haze by Ace Seeds will require about 77 - 116 days of flowering.

Phases of 11-10 hours of light and 13-14 of darkness are recommended to accelerate flowering, avoid re-flowerings, and to stretch less.

Flowering Outdoors

The harvest takes place at the end of November - beginning of December in the Northern Hemisphere and at the end of May/beginning of June in the Southern Hemisphere.

Sativa/Indica Percentage

90% sativa - 10% indica


  • THC 28%

La Huerta's Opinion

Super Malawi Haze by Ace Seeds develops very well with medium-high nutrient levels, it's adaptable and tolerates high temperatures well.

It can be recommended for all types of growers, especially outdoor growers, indoor growers, outdoor growers in warm climates, and Haze loving growers.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Feminized seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More indica (relaxing)
Flowering time
Long Flowering (+65 days)
Strong effect
Earthy flavour
Flowery flavour
Incensed/Haze flavour
Sweet/fruity flavour
Wooden flavour
Haze strain
Landrace strain
Other characteristics
High yield

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