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LEC Grow Lights


LEC Grow Lights

LEC Grow Lights

This section contains all of our LEC Grow Lights, an innovative type of grow light that has revolutionized indoor cannabis growing.

What are LEC Grow Lights?

LEC Lights have burst onto the sector in the last few years – this type of lighting allows for similar results to those obtained with HPS lighting, although while using less power. They’ve improved technology in order to make this type of lighting a reality, ad now LEC lighting can produce amazing results in indoor cannabis grows.

What advantages do LEC lights have?

This type of lighting has become increasingly popular around the world, and we’re going to through a few of the benefits they provide:

  • LEC lighting increases terpene and cannabinoid yield in plants, meaning that the final quality of your plants will be of much better quality, producing buds with more intense aromas, flavours and even effects.
  • They produce less heat: this is why terpenes are better preserved in the resin, because excessive heat can deteriorate them.
  • They’re better at imitating real sunlight: this is why trichome yield increases on flowers.
  • This is the best option for intensive cannabis grows due to the amazing results provided.

What Types of LEC Grow Lights Can You Find in Our Catalogue?

We stock various different LEC models and lighting systems at the best prices; quality guaranteed, as we only work with renowned brands. Within our wide range of options you can find models such as the LEC CMH 315W 4200K grow light, which is ready to use with a compatible LEC/CMH ballast – it produces similar yields to 600w HPS grow lights while using less heat and producing practically half the electric bill as high pressure sodium lamps.

If you’re looking to grow a large amount of cannabis, you also have options such as the LEC CMH Lumatek 630w grow light, which produces almost the same results as a 1000w HPS light while using much less electricity.

Have a look through our catalogue – if you have any questions regarding LEC grow lights and which is best for your needs, make sure to get in touch with our team of professionals – we’re happy to help!

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