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This Hanna ph/ec combo water meter incorporates the latest technological breakthroughs to provide accurate readings. It's perfect for all cultivators who want to accurately measure the ph and ec in irrigation water.

The product's price to quality ratio is outstanding and it is specially designed to meet all the needs of simple continuous control in irrigation water, crucial for plant nutrition management.


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Uses and Measures

This Hanna ph/ec combo water meter is perfect for everyone who needs to measure the pH and EC of their water precisely.

Controlling Ph and EC is crucial for ensuring the correct assimilation of fertilizers in plants. If you want to reach a maximum yield and make the most of the investment made in fertilizers, it's necessary to monitor these parameters.


  • Its casing has IP54 protection.
  • Growers can simply install the meter on top of the water sample for continuous measurement.
  • The gel-filled pH electrode is replaceable, and the BNC connector is guarded under a waterproof cover. The unique design of the electrode increases its lifespan in aggressive solutions.
  • The device has two large screens that allow readings to be read at a distance at any time.
  • The readings are highly accurate, and the meters can be calibrated at one or two points for pH and at a single point for TDS and EC.
  • This unit operates continuously with the provided 12 VDC adapter.

How to Use:


To shield this instrument from fumes and moisture, the BNC connector is protected with a waterproof cover.

  • Slide the protective sleeve. Connect the pH electrode to the BNC connector and then slide the cover over the entire casing. For maximum waterproof protection, ensure that the connector is fully covered.
  • Don't be alarmed if white crystals appear on the electrode protective cap. This is normal in pH electrodes and dissolves when rinsed with water.


  • Turn on the meter by connecting the 12 VDC adapter to the meter and the network.
  • Remove the protective cap from the pH electrode.
  • Immerse the tips of the pH electrode, the EC/TDS probe, and the ground probe 4 cm into the sample. For precise measurements, the probes should not touch or be near the container's walls or bottom.
  • The 2 LCDs will show the pH and EC/TDS values. Any initial variation in the measure can be due to the pH electrode conditioning and the EC/TDS temperature compensation. Allow the readings to stabilize.


  • When not in use, rinse the electrode with water to minimize contamination and store it with a few drops of storage solution or pH 7 in the protective cap. Always replace the protective cap when not in use.


  • If the electrode has been left dry, soak the tip in the storage solution or pH overnight to reactivate it.
  • It is recommended to clean it at least once a month. Submerge the electrode tip in the electrode cleaning solution for half an hour and then rinse with tap water.


The following cleaning procedure is recommended at least once a month.

  • Submerge the tip of the electrode in the cleaning solution for half an hour.
  • If extensive cleaning is required, brush the metal pins with very fine sandpaper.
  • After cleaning it, rinse the probe with tap water.


The instrument must be recalibrated:

  1. After cleaning or replacing the probe.
  2. When high precision is required.
  3. At least once a month.


Pour a small amount of pH 7.0 solution and pH 4.0 into two clean cups.

For an accurate calibration, use two cups for each buffer solution, the first to rinse the tip of the electrode and the second for calibration.

  • Switch on the electrode, rinse and submerge in pH 7.0 buffer. Stir gently and wait for the reading to stabilize.

NOTE: The electrode should be submerged approximately 4 cm into the solution.

  • Adjust the right potentiometer with the calibration screwdriver until the LCD displays ph 7.0.
  • Rinse and submerge the pH electrode in the pH 4.0 buffer and stir gently.
  • Wait a couple of minutes and then adjust the left ph 4 potentiometer until the LCD displays the value of the second buffer.

pH calibration is finished.


  • Switch on the meter.
  • Pour a small amount of calibration solution into a cup. If possible, use plastic cups to minimize any EMC interference.
  • Submerge the CE/TDS probe in the solution, ensuring the metal pins are fully submerged.

Note: To not affect the precision of measurements, it's important that the probe body does not touch or is not close to the cup's walls.

  • Wait a couple of minutes for a thermal balance to be achieved, and the temperature is compensated.
  • Tap the probe carefully on the bottom, then stir while rotating to ensure no air bubbles are trapped.
  • Adjust the calibration potentiometer with a screwdriver until the screen shows 1.41 ms/cm or 1500ppm.
  • Calibration is completed.

Warranty: two-year electronic failure, three-month probe

La Huerta's Opinion

The Hanna ph/ec combo water meter is an accurate and efficient measuring system, perfect for significantly improving crop health.

It's recommended for all types of growers, especially for hydroponic system growers, aeroponic growers, and growers in areas with hard or soft waters. You can find more accessories right here, at La Huerta Grow Shop.

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