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Royal Queen Seeds' Royal Dwarf Auto seeds are the result of mixing specially selected phenotypes of Skunk 1 with Ruderalis. This results in an autoflowering indica-dominant hybrid that can complete its life cycle in just 63-70 days.

The strain has a low growth profile, hence its name "Royal Dwarf", and can grow to around 40 - 90cm on average. It is also set to produce good yields in relation to its size, around 150 - 200g/m2 in indoor crops.

A real jewel of short stature whose properties are highly appreciated by growers seeking maximum discretion. In addition, its penetrating aroma and fresh citrus flavor, woody and earthy, complete a small plant, but thuggish. It has a THC percentage of 13%.

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Type and genetics

Royal Dwarf Auto seeds from Royal Queen Seeds provide a genetics very appreciated by those growers looking for maximum discretion and fast flowering. That is why, from the mixture of a Skunk 1 and Ruderalis, comes this autoflowering hybrid of indica predominance, which more than fulfills the necessary characteristics.

This genetic retains all the attributes of its parents, presenting the robust structure of the Indica, with large flowers that emerge from the tips of its thick lower branches.


The growth profile of Royal Dwarf Auto from Royal Queen Seeds is low. Adaptable to any growing system the grower may choose, the plant develops quickly during its short growth period.

  • In indoor crops, the strain can reach 40 - 70cm.
  • In outdoor plantations, it can stretch up to 50 - 90cm.

Aroma and taste

The scent given off by the flowers of Royal Dwarf Auto from Royal Queen Seeds is powerful and enveloping. The olfactory sensations that it transmits, woody and earthy, can be perceived perfectly in the room of culture, jumping to the nose of the curious grower in a first approach to the buds, dripping with white and delicious resin.

The smoke emerges white and fragrant, leaving an intense taste of wet wood and orange citrus, which are joined by reminiscences of forest floor in autumn.


The Royal Dwarf Auto from Royal Queen Seeds has a THC percentage of 13%. A medium concentration of cannabinoids which, although it may seem weak for growers with high tolerance, is ideal for growers sensitive to the psychoactive molecule. In this way, you can enjoy its euphoric effects, encouraging you to enjoy your free time without worrying about paranoia or anxiety.

This percentage allows you to enjoy the strain at almost any time of the day, being ideal for a break during the day, for example.


The genetic crosses between phenotypes selected by the breeders of Royal Queen Seeds, have resulted in a strain that improves the productive capacity of its competitors, even in relation to its size.

  • In indoor crops, yields of up to 150 - 200g/m2 can be expected.
  • In outdoor plantations, the strain can produce between 30 - 80g per plant.

Flowering (complete life cycle)

Royal Queen Seeds Royal Dwarf Auto completes its seed - adult plant cycle in only 60 - 70 days .

Sativa/Indica ratio

40% sativa - 60% indica


  • THC 13%.

La Huerta's opinion

Royal Dwarf Auto from Royal Queen Seeds is a fast flowering strain, short height and robust buds very fragrant.

It is recommended for all types of growers, especially for outdoor growers in guerrilla systems or urban growers of terrace or balcony.

Data sheet

Types of seeds
Autoflowering seeds
Indica sativa percentage
More indica (relaxing)
Flowering time
Fast Flowering (45-55 days)
Medium effect
Citric flavour
Earthy flavour
Orange flavor
Wooden flavour
Skunk - Critical strain
Other characteristics
Easy to grow
Ideal for extracts

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